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Happy New Year: From Me and My Friends….

1 Jan

Happy New Year: from me and my friends!

Not just the usual ones, such as my husband (and friend) Ron and our adopted girl Chicki, but also from some of the engaging characters

Happy New Year from our Feathered Friends

Happy New Year from our Feathered Friends

of the feathered variety.

Here’s a snap of a small group, two Kookaburras and a Noisy Miner.

On their behalf I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year: Music to my Ears

1 Jan

New Year’s Eve 2012: what a night!

Many choose to see in the new year by dancing, and/or  listening to music. And what better way to be thus entertained than by one of Sydney best cover bands, The Bandits.

As the vocals dictate, lead singer Paul sometimes delegates his role to either Gary or Conrad:  all the while brilliantly supported by drummer Warwick. Their  engaging renditions of many immensely popular tunes  from the sixties to the eighties make for a night to remember.

From spirited performances of  ‘Dance the Night Away’, ‘Honey

The Bandits on New Year's Eve

The Bandits on New Year’s Eve

Don’t’, and ‘Rockin’ All Over the World’  to the gentler, midnight classic ‘Olde Lang Syne’, we in the audience are given the all-embracing balm of sounds we love to hear, so often stirring memories of our youth. For a moment, we are eighteen again!

As the hours continue to speed joyfully past, many of our day-to day cares have, as if by magic, been effortlessly whisked away; replaced by powerful enthusiasm for life: for music!

Happy New Year!

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