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Happy 13th!

13 Jan

Some say the number 13 is unlucky, and Friday the 13th is especially seen in a superstitious light.  But, fingers crossed, this Friday the thirteenth is panning out quite well, as has previous thirteenths, be them Monday, Tuesday or whatever.

A friend…dare I say fan? of mine asked me to sign some copies of ’25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia’ that she planned to give as belated Christmas gifts.

Show me an author who doesn’t enjoy autographing their work! And especially, when it comes with positive feedback about the volume!

She told me of her enthralling interest in ‘A Question of Trust’, one of the earliest stories in the series: that it seized her imagination as she wondered which way the heroine, Alison, would go in her relationship with new partner Roger. She even suggested that it would make a television drama.

Carrying these gratifying notions home with me, I re-read the story and investigated its history in the creative sequence.

Turns out it was the first story I wrote and included in the series, and it came into being, you guessed it, on the 13th!

Yes, the thirteenth of October, 2010 was indeed an auspicious day, when my new career, new venture, as an author of books really started to evolve!

Happy 13!

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