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Love the Australian Scenery?

23 Mar
In the park

In the park

Do you love the scenery of Australia?

In this photograph one can see some wonderful old gum trees against a backdrop of the Georges River. Many beautiful parks are to be found along its banks.

Such lovely surroundings are perfect for walking. Who knows what birds, flowers or other delights one will discover?

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Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots….

16 Oct

Where the seagulls meet the parrots….

I can think of a few places where this occurs.

One of my most-loved destinations is Cook Park, which extends quite a way beside a number of beaches in Sydney. This shot was taken near Ramsgate Beach.

It’s quite commonplace here to witness seagulls mingling among the Corellas and Cockatoos.

Throw in some Ibis and Willie Wagtails and there you have it: bird-watchers’ delight….

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots