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There’s A Pelican on the River!

23 Sep
Pelican on the River

Pelican on the River

There’s a Pelican on the river!

It’s a pretty rare sight, and one that guarantees that I’ll being putting my camera to good use. 🙂

These large birds are striking to look at, and are, in fact, related to Cormorants.

Whether swimming or flying, they are wonderful to watch.


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There’s a Pelican on the Wharf!

1 Mar
There's a Pelican on the wharf!

There’s a Pelican on the wharf!

There’s a Pelican on the wharf!

Now and then we are lucky enough to spot one of these impressive birds in or around the baths. Rarer still is to see one actually on the wharf.

I hope someday that I ‘ll get some clear shots of take-off and in the air, too!

But for now, this is the best I can offer.


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There’s a Pelican in the Baths!

23 Aug

There’s a pelican in the baths!

Such a rare event causes a surge of excitement!

Eyes turn towards it as folk marvel at its spectacular beauty and form.

Though it’s in the distance, you can still make it out…..

Au revoir!

There's a Pelican in the Baths!

There’s a Pelican in the Baths!