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Review: 60 Question, Insights and Reminiscences

20 Oct


As far as I’m aware, this book’s ‘just published’ status means that you can count the number of its readers on the fingers of one hand.

As its author, I’m going to put my late mother’s saying to the test. ‘Self praise is no recommendation,’ she’d declare. But does this still hold true when those who can comment are so tiny in number?

I’ve just re-read part of this book, and I’m smiling. Why?

’60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences’ strikes me as a expose of humanity and life as seen through the eyes of a baby-boomer. It’s full of wisdom of the home-spun rather than book-learned variety, and is often disarming in its frankness, humour and lateral thinking.

Topics range from: what is ambition? what’s good about procrastination? what’s bad about comedy? what makes a musician? can you live without your mobile? to: can you remember cracker-night?

Although discussing and describing Australian life and people, past and present, are not my observations universal in nature?

Everything contributes to the volume’s ease of reading: the setting out, the good-sized print, the easily understood yet precise language.

My husband Ronald Sharp, the creator of the Grand Organ in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, has edited and spaced the words: as he did in my previous four volumes of modern Australian Short Stories.

Do you relish the thrill of discovery of a new writer?  Do you love philosophy and anecdotes, lightly, thoughtfully and humorously presented?

Then, why not check out ’60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences’ by Margaret Lynette Sharp? It’s available through

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