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Here I Come…

13 Jul
Here I Come

Here I Come

Here I come…

I doubt very much that this Kookaburra thinks in English, but nevertheless…

These handsome birds seem at home either when they’re surveying the scene from the branches of tall native trees, or foraging for worms or windfalls on the ground.

This particular bird seems to have something firmly in his focus.

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Two of a Kind…

12 Jul
A Pair of Ibis

A Pair of Ibis

Two of a kind…

So often I see birds in pairs.

Today, by the river, it was ducks. I was amused and delighted to watch the behaviour of pair of wild Chestnut Teals as they searched the sandy shore for food.

But of course, this photograph is of something quite different: a pair of Australian White Ibis. These are scavengers.

Nonetheless, quite elegant feathered creatures…

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Charming Camellias

11 Jul


Camellias are one of the joys of winter.

Their status is beyond question.

The beauty of their flowers is hard to surpass. And unlike roses, they have no thorns.

Here is a photo of one my own specimens, which I have looked after for about ten years.

Such a lovely colour, don’t you think?

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Watching Over the Brood

9 Jul
A day's outing

A day’s outing

Is there anything nicer than watching Mum and Dad out for the day with their brood of youngsters?

Unfortunately for me, this is a rare sight. Although fully-grown ducks quite often grace with their presence the local swimming baths, a family of fluffy ducklings scarcely ever accompanies them.

So, whenever this opportunity presents itself, I reach for my camera and snap madly away…

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A Different Perspective

8 Jul

What a difference perspective makes!

This is a scene I see nearly every day, but from a different perspective.

Normally the trees are on one side of my vision, and the river quite definitely on the other.

So by searching around for a new angle, I came up with a picture that is to me quite unfamiliar.

By the river

By the river

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Visitors on the Shore

7 Jul
Plovers on the Shore

Plovers on the Shore

Visitors on the shore…

Some time ago these handsome bird underwent a name change.  What once we all called ‘Plovers’ are now officially known as ‘Masked Lapwings’.

Is this an improvement?

Whatever your thoughts, I hope that you will agree that this pair make a lovely sight on the sandy shore.

Rare and charming  visitors to the local swimming baths…

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You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine…

6 Jul
Welcome Swallow and Sliver Gull

Welcome Swallow and Silver Gull

You go your way and I’ll go mine…

Is that what the Silver Gull is thinking?

Perhaps the tiny Welcome Swallow has the same idea.

Whatever the truth of the matter, here’s a sweet photo of two feathered creatures that seem to love to be near the water.

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Pretty Parrot…

5 Jul
Crimson Rosella eating

Crimson Rosella eating

Australia has been fittingly described as the Land of Parrots.

From cockatoos in white or black to Lorikeets and budgerigars: we have some extraordinarily engaging types.

Here’s a photograph I took of a Crimson Rosella as he was gathering nectar at the local park.


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I Spy…

2 Jul
I Spy!

I Spy!

I spy…

This inquisitive Cockatoo has chosen well his vantage point.

If only he could talk, what fun we could have!

But nevertheless, just to see him makes my day.

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1 Jul
Clouds over the River

Clouds over the River

Clouds fascinate me.

I like to watch the changing sky.

Seemingly limitless is their variety of patterns and textures.

Here is a photograph of a scene by the river.


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