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Visitors on the Shore

7 Jul
Plovers on the Shore

Plovers on the Shore

Visitors on the shore…

Some time ago these handsome bird underwent a name change.  What once we all called ‘Plovers’ are now officially known as ‘Masked Lapwings’.

Is this an improvement?

Whatever your thoughts, I hope that you will agree that this pair make a lovely sight on the sandy shore.

Rare and charming  visitors to the local swimming baths…

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A Plover on the Shore

12 Jan

A Plover on the shore: not a common sight in the local baths, and therefore well worthy of a photograph.

The Georges River and surrounds provides habit for a variety of birds. From tiny Swallows to huge Pelicans, there’s plenty to see.

Nevertheless, as they say, variety is the spice of life, and for my money the sight of a Plover is a welcome addition.

Plover on the Shore

Plover on the Shore


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