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Who is my Favourite Character?

26 Oct

As the author of four volumes of fiction, I’ve created many, many characters.

Several stand out in mu mind, but none more than Allen, the hero of both  ‘The Girl Next Door’ and ‘A Second Chance,’ from  my second book of modern Australian Short Stories: ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’.

It’s his personality traits  in ‘The Girl Next Door’, combined with hapless fate, that endear him to me.

From early on, Cupid’s arrow strikes him, but circumstances always seem to create an embargo to the feelings they nurture. Vicki, the girl of his dreams, is overseen by her protective mother. It transpires she’s too young, too busy, and so on to be allowed out with him. At length, he summons courage to ask her on a date, but alas! Fate has done it to him again, and he learns the lesson of the perils of procrastination.

They meet up again in the final story, ‘A Second Chance’, under quite different circumstances. I’ll leave you to read ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’ to discover the outcome!

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