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Nothing But Cloudy Skies…

30 Aug
Cloudy shkies

Cloudy shkies

Nothing but cloudy skies…

Well, almost.

Here in Sydney, we’ve had record rainfall for the month of August. Sure, the sun has broken through, even delivering days of unremitting sunshine. But, overall, it’s been a grey, soggy month.

Not to complain, though. Misty days can be exceptionally beautiful.

Here’s a scene down by the river.


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Rain: Sydney’s Summer Finally Ends…

6 Jun
The river in the rain

The river in the rain

What a summer!

In Sydney, it has seemed endless.

For the first time in seven years I actually swam in the river in June. Not once, but on four separate days. The sun kept on shining, and the temperatures remained mild.

But one day it had to end. On the 5th June the weather changed.

Rain! Showers! Grey skies!

They say that variety is the spice of life…

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A Heron in the Rain…

27 Mar
Heron in the Rain

Heron in the Rain

A Heron in the rain…

The beauty of our local bushland park in suburban Sydney is endless, and certainly not confined to sunny weather.

Sometimes I think that the most beautiful sights are to found in the rain, gentle or otherwise.

There is a simple, touching charm in these times: and one of my favourite spots to observe is on the promenade where the river and its surrounds can be closely watched.

I hope you enjoy this shot of a White-faced Heron as it searches for breakfast on the shores of the baths.

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Rain at Last on the River

15 Feb
A heron searches

A heron searches

It's raining....

It’s raining….

At last, after months of dry weather, we have had rain.

Not very heavy, but it’s better than none. The parched earth sorely needs it!

I don’t mind swimming in wet weather, so earlier today I braved the  local baths. The tide was high: much higher than in the photos. The water was pleasantly warm, about 25 degrees C. And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As so often happens under these conditions, a White-faced Heron took advantage of the situation to search for food on the shore.

What will tomorrow bring?

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The Baths are Back!

3 Dec

After weeks of closure, the local swimming baths are back!

Here in Sydney, recent rains had brought with them quite extraordinary levels of pollution. Over the last month or so, signs had been in force almost constantly, warning swimmers to stay out….

So, after a decent spell of dry and sunny weather, at last the ‘all clear’ came, and with it the joy of being able to experience the clean water once again.

With very high, Christmas tides, our stretch of the river is now enjoying near-optimum conditions for water sports.


The Baths are Back....

The Baths are Back….

Let’s enjoy it while we can…

And the Rain Came…

11 Nov

I started to wonder yesterday whether the rain event predicted by the weather bureau would really amount to much, but as today wore on, the rain kept on coming.

Though it’s easing now, the parched Sydney gardens have surely had a drink, and I guess the bushfire potential has taken a nosedive (at least for now).

Funny how we can be sweltering on a Spring  Saturday and shivering on the Sunday (and Monday).


Rain on the River

Rain on the River

On the other hand, the sound of rain on the roof is surely a pleasure!

The Show Must Go On…

10 Nov

The show must go on…

Despite intermittent rain, unseasonable cold, and biting wind, today’s Swimming Club races went ahead.

Three determined women (including yours truly) and ten equally determined men all braved the conditions.

Our program of two sprints  and a distance event all proceeded smoothly, and despite what nature had thrown at us, we seemed to have a pretty good time.

My husband Ron kept the time in Lane One, with our little Maltese Chicki at his feet.

Better than spending the afternoon watching the box…

Despite the rain, Chicki stays snug

Despite the rain, Chicki stays snug


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A Rainy Day in Sydney, Australia

3 Oct

Despite the patchy dark clouds overhead, I headed for the river today minus my umbrella.

No problem in walking down  the hill. No problem, getting into the water….

It’s so strange, when it starts to rain while one is swimming…..

It must have a profound effect upon my mood, for I cut the swim short. And lucky I did, for it wasn’t long before the wind picked up, and had I still been wet I would have froze.

Still, I love rainy day photos.

Do you?

It's raining.....

It’s raining…..

The River in the Rain….

16 Sep
Chicki in the doorway: 'It's raining, Mummy!'

Chicki in the doorway: ‘It’s raining, Mummy!’

What a difference a day makes!

After a lengthy spell of dry weather, the heavens opened up today here in Sydney, Australia.

I for one  quite enjoy walking in the rain, and Chicki our Maltese doesn’t shirk from accompanying me.

There’s nothing quite like observing the effects of rain on water and surrounding areas. Misty vistas and intriguing patterns on the water are special highlights.


The river in the rain

The river in the rain

The Rain, The Park, and all its Beauty

12 Oct

The jetty in the rain

Noisy Miner in the rain

While most of Sydney stayed indoors, or certainly stayed away from deliberate, outdoor activities, we ventured out to see the special, soft, misty beauty that the gentle rain provides.

And, weren’t we rewarded?  Despite the raindrops, and singing at the top of their voices, a  few Noisy Miners alighted in front of me, making an engaging scene. The river, misted over, permeated a soft, soothing aura.

Sure, we love the brilliant sunshine, but doesn’t precipitation also offer something awesome?

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