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A Tree Grows at Ramsgate

27 Feb
A Tree Grows at Ramsgate

A Tree Grows at Ramsgate

A tree grows at Ramsgate…

Well, actually, *many* trees grow at Ramsgate, but this beauty has become a focal point in this photo taken overlooking Ramsgate Beach.

For those unfamiliar, Ramsgate Beach is one of many lovely beaches that form part of the Botany Bay foreshores. I used to swim there quite often, until a sign warning me of the potential presence of stingrays seriously deterred me. Actually meeting and speaking with one of its victims put the finishing touches on my decision…

Nevertheless, it’s a delightful place to visit, and for those brave enough to expose themselves to the risk, it’s a wonderful place to swim.

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As Evening Falls: Ramsgate Beach.

6 Feb

The night is beginning to close in at Ramsgate Beach in New South Wales, Australia. The lengthening shadows are being replaced by a dim and gentle light along the shore.

What do you prefer: daybreak or nightfall?

I confess that I’m not an early bird, but on those few occasions I’ve witnessed first-hand the beginning of a new day, I’ve been overwhelmed by its beauty.

Yet, though this evening sky may be lacking the wonderful colours of a magnificent sunset, there’s still a lovely sense of peace.

The evening comes to Ramsgate Beach

The evening comes to Ramsgate Beach

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