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Reflections on the River

1 Sep


I love reflections. There’s something calming and appealing about them.

In this photograph, one can see boat-sheds and Wattle in bloom, all reflected on the river.


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Reflections of a Bird in Flight

27 Jul


Here I am again, unsure of the avian species. I’ll narrow it down to two guesses: Pelican or Egret.

Be that as it may, I think you’ll enjoy seeing this bird in flight and its reflections on the surface of the river.

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Reflections of a White-faced Heron

17 May
Reflection of a Heron

Reflection of a Heron

I love looking at the reflections in still water. They have a special quality, almost but not quite like a mirror.

The reflections of birds can be quite beautiful.

This is a recent photograph of a White-faced Heron as it strutted in the local swimming baths. Regular readers of this blog will know that it is on the river.

A subtle, quiet reflection.

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Lights, Lights and More Lights!

10 Dec
Reflections on the water

Reflections on the water

Isn’t there something fascinating about light reflecting on the water?

A few days ago, here in a suburb of Sydney, I saw at midnight such a scene. It captivated me, and I sought to preserve its image with my camera.

Beautiful by day, reflections take on a quite different atmosphere when surrounded by a darkened scene. The limitless night sky, enhanced by the romantic moon, glowing planets and twinkling stars, provides a wonderful foil for  man-made, reflected  illumination.

Don’t you agree it’s truly a sight for sore eyes?

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Another Review: Reflections of Life and Love in Australia

11 Oct

Reflections of Life and Love in Australia by Margaret Lynette SharpGoodreads_icon_100x100Goodreads-badge-add-plus

It’s been a while since my fourth collection in the ‘Life and Love in Australia’ series was first published, and now I’m delighted to announce its first review, written by Goodreads member, Mark, from the U.S.A. Here it is:

“Reflections” is a collection aptly named, for emotions playing lambent on the water of the spirit, for a mirror held up to fraught relationships, mostly of couples, and for the thoughts to which they all give rise in the reader… and the reviewer. Sharp has a particular knack for exploring and sorting out the unnecessarily complex entanglements of humans in orbit about one another. Among the best offerings here are “And the Rains Came,” about the pretext for a railway “connection” that opens up when the skies do; “Letting Her Go,” about a mother’s ultimate, pained acceptance of her daughter’s romantic autonomy; and “The Bonds of Love,” which has nothing at all to do with bondage, and everything to do with serendipity and reconciliation. Five stars.
                   *                   *                *                *                *               *                *             *
This volume contains twenty-eight vignettes and Short Stories, mostly on themes of love and romance. Currently it’s available in paperback only, but  hopefully next year it will be also published on Kindle.