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The Swimming Season Starts!

1 Oct

October is here, and in Sydney, Australia where I live, this means the swimming season has started.

I had a dip today, my third since the winter break. It sure isn’t getting any warmer!

The weather is cool: most people are in their jumpers or jackets. The water, and by water I mean unheated, salt water, is exhilarating! After the first couple of hundred metres you start to thaw out, presuming you haven’t thought better of it and beaten a hasty retreat.

It’s about then that you actually start to enjoy yourself, taking in the delicious salinity, and the freedom and interest of being outside your normal sphere of living.

And afterwards comes another good part: sitting in the (albeit weak) sunshine, dry and dressed,  admiring the scenery.  Visitors stroll by.

“What’s the water like?” they ask.

You know the answer. You have authority. You have experienced it!

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