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Can We Do Without Cans?

22 Aug

The first time ever I went shopping at the supermarket with my husband Ron, he was less than appreciative of the fact that I bought food in cans.

“What a waste of metal!” he muttered. “They should be made into organ pipes!”

He should know, as the creator of the Grand Organ in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

Nevertheless, my only response was to promise to recycle. How could I live without cans?

With difficulty, I hear you say. After all, so much of what we eat and enjoy is available, (almost)ready to eat, at a reasonable price. Remove cans from my shopping list, and everything from apricots (in juice or syrup) to zucchini is off the  menu. Well, unless you wish to go to the effort of preparing it all yourself; not to mention the problems of keeping fresh food fresh, instead of stored out of the way, in a kitchen cupboard.

Doubtless, great great great Grandma managed just fine without them, but then, she didn’t have the other pressures of life as we know it to contend with!

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