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Cloudy Skies Over The River

4 Dec
Clouds over the river

Clouds over the river

This morning, the reflections on the river wore a sombre hue, for the overhead clouds had done their work.

What a difference the sunshine makes!

Nevertheless, there is a certain charm to the place when all above is in shades of grey.

The sea-birds didn’t seem to mind, for there were far more silver gulls than usual. While I was swimming, I caught sight of a pelican: a rare visitor. Unfortunately it disappeared before I could grab the camera.

Whether the skies are blue or grey, summer is here!

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The Bats in the Night Sky

24 Jan
Bats in the sky

Bats in the sky

Bats in the night sky. A sight unfamiliar to me.

Recently, Ron and I had dinner at a club in Tempe, not too far from the city of Sydney. It was a short walk back to our car, and on the way my eyes turned skywards. And then I saw them…

Bats! A colony of them, making their way in the cloudy, ever-darkening sky.

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