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Anyone for Street Organs?

22 Oct

Anyone for Street Organs?

A little over a week ago, Ron, Chicki and I attended an annual get-together for Street Organ enthusiasts.

Held at Campbelltown in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, this rally attracted quite a crowd. Some organs were quite large and capable of producing tunes in high volume. Others were small and sweet. All were colourful!

Decorative organ

Decorative organ

Another attractive specimen

Another attractive specimen

Lovely details in this organ

Lovely details in this organ

The 'Crusader'

The ‘Crusader’

Part of the scene....

Part of the scene….


Families turned up in anticipation of an interesting and unusualĀ  outing.

The hot, sunny conditions saw plenty of takers for ice-creams and cold drinks.

My husband Ron made almost all of the pipes for the organ that Chicki and I are seated near, the ‘Crusader’ .