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Focus on Birds: Welcome Swallow

31 Oct
Swallow on the shore

Swallow on the shore

I love these tiny birds! They flash through the sky, sometimes landing on the pontoon in the baths.

Here’s a photo of one gathering mud to make a nest.

Sweet little creatures.

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Time for Rest

28 Jun
Swallow at rest

Swallow at rest

Time for rest…

This pair of Welcome Swallows have alighted on the pontoon ladder.

I often watch these tiny birds in flight, and marvel at their speed and agility.

Sweet feathered creatures…

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Gulls and Swallows Share the Site

11 Jun
On the Pontoon...

On the Pontoon…

I like to capture images of different bird species together. Sometimes it’s easy, but more often it isn’t.

Not so long ago my eyes were drawn to the pontoon in the local river baths. On it I saw a couple of Silver Gulls and a pair of Swallows. Being so tiny, the Swallows are hard to see, but they are there!

(This photo is definitely one to enlarge.)

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Swallow on the Shore

17 Dec

It’s not often that I see a Swallow on the shore.

These birds are as tiny as they are swift, and one of my favourite sights.

So I was delighted to capture this image. Although very tiny, it brings to life the memory of the day when one of these special little creatures alighted on the river’s sand.

A Swallow on the Shore

A Swallow on the Shore

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