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Sulphur-crested Cockatoos Making their Presence Felt

10 Feb
Gathering on the shore

Gathering on the shore

I don’t know whether or not today’s cooler and overcast weather is responsible, but this morning the cockatoos certainly made their presence felt.

In a major burst of activity they swooped, squawked, flew to the highest trees, and gathered on the shore.

While I was treading water in the baths I observed much of these goings-on. And so it continued…

Such engaging and amusing characters!

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A Day at the (Swimming) Races

31 Oct

The distant jetty and starting lane numbers

Pontoon and lane ropes

We Australians are a resourceful bunch.

Take this  example.

Mention competition lap swimming, and what venue springs to mind?

Hands up if you said:  Swimming Pools.

Sure, that’s what we routinely  see on television: and, equally certain, that’s precisely where  such competitions are generally run.  I can almost see the pristine water, the perfect tiles, the impressive starting-blocks.

However, the Club where I have swum for decades has a quite different domain: a river baths in suburban Sydney.

Close to fifty metres from the jetty at the far end of the promenade floats a slightly rusty pontoon. To it, our Swimming Club attaches unsophisticated lane ropes.

Bingo! Now we have the means to conduct in reasonable decorum a series of races, in length from twenty-five to two hundred metres. I admit the shortest races are liable to be approximate distances since their finishing line is not set in stone.

However, what we lack in exactitude is more than made up in atmosphere. For my money, its beautiful tree-studded setting wins, hands down!

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Holiday at Home!

28 Dec

Who says you need to travel to have a holiday?

I’m having a great time here at home, just doing all the things I enjoy. Like swimming  at high tide in the river nearby; later, strolling along the promenade. seeing all the friendly faces of people and their canines who are likewise engaged; and watching the river-life go by.

If I’m really lucky, I may even spot a pelican landing. Rare, yes, but just a few days ago, one landed with enviable ease on a pole in the river. How I wished I’d brought along a high-grade zoom lens camera!

With swallows, ducks, magpies, cockatoos and noisy miners around to name but a handful, there’s plenty for bird-fanciers to admire and enjoy.

And, at last, some sunshine in Sydney! What more could I ask for?

Happy holidays!

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V for Variety!

3 Nov

Here in Sydney, Australia, we are yet again currently going through a patch of unsettled weather.

Today it’s cool and wet, yesterday warm and dry, recently hot and sunny….

What a place to be!

Those of us who love the sound of rain on the roof  have today had their fill; others who love to bask in the warm sunshine have reason, too,  for their high expectations! Summer is just around the corner!

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1 Nov

Here in Sydney, Australia, we write today’s date as 1/11/11.

What a rare event! Will it ever be again, in any current reader’s lifetime?

Jacaranda Time

31 Oct

Aren’t we lucky? Here in Sydney, Australia, it doesn’t take long before one feast of spectacular lilac flowers is replaced by another!

Only two or three weeks ago, the fragrant wisteria bunches were spilling over fences and pergolas; even dangling from obliging trees!!

From one head-turner to another: here comes the jacarandas! Leafless trees enveloped by eye-catching lilac flowers! Close-up or at a distance, a sight for sore eyes!

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The Swimming Season Starts!

1 Oct

October is here, and in Sydney, Australia where I live, this means the swimming season has started.

I had a dip today, my third since the winter break. It sure isn’t getting any warmer!

The weather is cool: most people are in their jumpers or jackets. The water, and by water I mean unheated, salt water, is exhilarating! After the first couple of hundred metres you start to thaw out, presuming you haven’t thought better of it and beaten a hasty retreat.

It’s about then that you actually start to enjoy yourself, taking in the delicious salinity, and the freedom and interest of being outside your normal sphere of living.

And afterwards comes another good part: sitting in the (albeit weak) sunshine, dry and dressed,  admiring the scenery.  Visitors stroll by.

“What’s the water like?” they ask.

You know the answer. You have authority. You have experienced it!

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