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Wow! The West Australian Flowering Red Gums are Out!

2 Dec
West Australian Red Flowering Gum

West Australian Red Flowering Gum

Wow! the West Australian Flowering Red Gums are out!

They’ll be even better in a few days’ time, when the entire tree will begin to sport clusters of these magnificent flowers.

I’m happy to report that these trees are being used to great advantage as street specimens where I live, in suburban Sydney.

Absolutely delightful!

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The Pathway to ?

23 Aug
The pathway

The pathway

The pathway to ?

Here’s another photograph taken in the local bushland park. As you can see, it boasts delightful, typically Australian native flora.

Small wonder that it’s a haven for so many birds and insects…

Not to mention, visitors of the human variety. ūüôā

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Do You See What I Can See?

30 May

Every now and then I spot something in the park-something that makes me stop and take a second look. Sometimes it’s rocks. But this time it’s a tree trunk.

A quirk of nature?


In the Park

In the Park

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The View from the Baths

28 Mar
The View from the Baths

The View from the Baths

I’ve often showed you photographs of the baths. So far, all these shots have been taken from dry land.

Today I’m about to show you one of the many views from within the water.

This is just a glimpse of what swimmers and others¬† who dare to set foot in the baths can see. Unfortunately I haven’t yet taken a photograph of one of my favourite sights: a skyward view of a delightful gum tree that overhangs the steps into the water. Perhaps some other time…

Meanwhile, here’s a sight familiar to me as a regular swimmer there.


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Love the Australian Scenery?

23 Mar
In the park

In the park

Do you love the scenery of Australia?

In this photograph one can see some wonderful old gum trees against a backdrop of the Georges River. Many beautiful parks are to be found along its banks.

Such lovely surroundings are perfect for walking. Who knows what birds, flowers or other delights one will discover?

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An Old Tree in the Australian Bush

23 Feb
Impressive example of an Angophora costata

Impressive example of an Angophora costata

We live near an important and delightful area of unspoilt Australian bush.

In addition to the birds, reptiles, marine-life and other animals, there are many wonderful mature trees, and I love to admire them.

This one has the most beautiful coloured bark. It’s called a Smooth-barked Apple (Angophora costata). As you can see, it’s a large, spreading tree.

Just another of the many treasures to be found in the Australian  bush.

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Is Someone Watching?

17 Jan

Is someone watching?

Ron and I can so plainly see the face in this tree — a tree that overlooks the river baths where we swim so often.

Faces in trees are a fascinating phenomenon. I guess imagination plays a part, but in some cases the suggestion of one becomes more than merely a suggestion.

Is someone watching?

Is someone watching?

It sends a shiver down my spine, sometimes.


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It’s Jacaranda Time!

9 Nov

Jacaranda in flower

Here in Australia, it’s Jacaranda time.

While Grafton, N.S.W., is famous for these striking trees, here in Sydney they are also making eye-catching displays.

Driving around the suburbs, one can readily spot the purple/blue flowers still clinging to their maker.¬† The days will pass: these will fall and form a carpet. Those of us with bare, delicate skin had better watch out for busy bees….

Native to Brazil, Jacarandas come in a multitude of varieties. There is even a white-flowering type named ‘White Christmas’, but it is hard to get in Australian nurseries. Our eyes are accustomed to one known as Jacaranda mimosifolia: and really, isn’t its purple a lovely shade?

This tree has its critics: those who despise fallen leaves and squishy flowers. Please do not count me amongst them.

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Spring is Here!

30 Aug

I’d scarcely taken a few steps outside when it hit me: the air seemed different, was different. Why? Spring is here!

With every breath, my brain became infused by perfume, sweet and heady. From street to street, the same lingering scent abounded.

I turned my eyes from side to side, seeing trees laden with blossoms pink and rose. Once in a while, my gaze found its mark at near-ground level; the fragrant freesias had done their bit, too.

Yes, Spring is here, so make the most of it, before the punishing winds arrive!

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