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What Makes a Champion?

19 Oct

Have you ever wondered what makes a champion?

Whether we’re talking about a champion in athletics or sport, in a pursuit such as dancing, or in a field such as chess or Scrabble, it seems to me that common characteristics are shared.

Could a champion achieve this status without persistence, without perseverance, and without dedication?

In my book, it would be as rare as snow in an Australian mid-summer to find a champion bereft of the afore mentioned characteristics, and yet my feeling is that champions are helped along their path by something else.

That extra edge is, I believe, an innate ability in their chosen field, which in turn is brought about by a happy combination of genetics.

Related to this, of course, is upbringing. Parents cannot overestimate their influence on their child’s development and  future achievements.

Whether we have the ability to be champions, or need to be content with being an ‘also ran’, isn’t the true virtue that we had a go?

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