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Free now: ‘Uncertain Love’

30 Sep

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Twenty-one-year-old Amanda finds herself falling in love with Kevin, a self-assured guy from the right side of town. Doubts about his fidelity, though, start to creep in when unexpected circumstances arise. And Amanda fears her self-esteem may take a further nosedive when, finally, she meets Kevin’s well-to-do and notoriously snobbish family. Has fate prepared a different path for her, that she may ultimately tread hand-in-hand with someone else?
Set in Sydney, Australia, during the 1950’s, this story by award-winning author Margaret Lynette Sharp offers an engaging read for lovers of sweet romance.

And it’s free to download until 3rd October, 2019!

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Happy Birthday, Ron! 90 years young!

8 Aug

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Today we celebrate the birthday of my husband Ronald William Sharp, the creator of the Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

Born in suburban Sydney on the 8th August, 1929, Ron attributes his long life to his love of classical music, and to his habit of keeping his mind active. He is keenly interested in gravity, and in recent times has published a book entitled ‘Gravity, Time and Consciousness.,’ which has been praised by Amazon reviewers.

These photos were taken just minutes ago. DSC07166DSC07170

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‘Jane and The Visitors from Pemberley’ FREE on 25th July, 2019!

25 Jul

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Short story

Fifteen-year-old Isobel, the youngest daughter of Jane and Charles Bingley, is overjoyed when, despite her mama’s misgivings, she is allowed to go on holiday with her friends at Brighton. Will this high-spirited young woman somehow manage to behave with uncharacteristic decorum? Or will history repeat itself?

Lovers of Jane Austen Fan Fiction might like to download and read this eBook.  It will be free on Amazon on 25th July, 2019, for one day only.

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Free 6th and 7th July: ‘Lady Catherine’s Lover’

6 Jul

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What twists will be revealed that colour the past of the lover of Lady Catherine de Bourgh? Will Darcy’s revelations to Her Ladyship thwart the path of love?
This is a quirky addition to Australian author Margaret Lynette Sharp’s series of JAFF short stories.

And it’s free to download on Amazon Kindle on 6th and 7th July, 2019.

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Free for Three Days:’Of Love and Secrets’

12 Jun

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At eighteen, Jenny is dismayed to find her life has skidded off the rails. Her breakup with James has underscored her vulnerabilities, leaving her ever more open to injury by the unkind, controlling words of her domineering mother. When Jenny meets Richard, an independent, twenty-five-year old man, it takes little time for their feelings to develop. Will her mother’s caustic remarks destroy Jenny’s new-found happiness? Or is her mother right about his motives? And what is the closely-guarded secret that threatens to upturn Jenny’s sense of her own identity?

Interested? It’s free to download from Amazon Kindle between 12th and 14th June, 2019.

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Free 3rd to 5th June, 2019: ‘Lauren Played’

3 Jun

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What happens when a young woman tries again, after enduring a break-up with her first love?
Sixteen year old Lauren has loved and lost. Her first love, an older man has moved on, leaving her brokenhearted. In time, she meets another guy, but will fate intervene and spoil her life?
This short work by Sydney writer Margaret Lynette Sharp looks set to delight fans of love and romance.

Interested? It’s free to download right now!

Est. 1989

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Free for Three Days! Australian Short Stories!

25 May

Margaret's Classic Posts

FREE NOW! (13)A compilation of three scintillating short stories: ‘The One That Got Away’, ‘More Than a Mere Bagatelle’, and ‘Chance Encounter’, all written by Amazon best-selling and prolific Australian author, Margaret Lynette Sharp.
Both ‘The One That Got Away’ and ‘More Than a Mere Bagatelle’ have taken awards at the Hurstville Festival of Community Arts Literary Competition (in 2014 and 2015, respectively). The third story, ‘Chance Encounter’, is a sweet, nostalgic romance, crafted specifically for this new volume.

And for the next three days, it’s free to download on Amazon Kindle!

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