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Free! Australian Romance

19 Jan

Like Australian romance? Then this is for you!

For just two days, ‘Love, Desire and Betrayal’ will be free to download on Amazon Kindle.

It starts on the 19th January – about six hours from time of posting!


Free Now! Australian Romance Novella!

5 Jan

Margaret's Classic Posts

Free now! A sweet romance set in Australia!

Hurry, this offer ends soon.


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Free now! JAFF

31 Dec

Margaret's Classic Posts

For one day only, this JAFF retelling is free to download!

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JAFF retelling FREE on 11th December, 2019!

11 Dec

Here’s the ultimate dystopian scenario. What if the beloved Darcy we know had been just a little less strong-minded and less independent of the social constraints that would have prevented him from marrying Elizabeth? And what if Elizabeth — herself very strong-minded and perhaps resentful of attempts to interfere with her sister’s happiness — had reacted to Darcy’s tender of an offer… well, very differently? Be prepared for the unsweetened sentiments expressed in this retelling of a vital scene in Jane Austen’s immortal classic!


And it’s free to download on 11th December, 2019, starting at 12 a.m. PST, for just one day!

Free Now!

28 Nov

Margaret's Classic Posts

Looking for a lighthearted, philosophical, easy to read eBook?

Then why not download a copy now?

It’s gained the coveted 5 star seal from Readers’ Favorite!

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Free now! ‘Romance, 50’s Style’

22 Nov

Margaret's Classic Posts

Like nostalgia? Sweet romance? Then why not download a copy of this Australian two-work anthology right now, while it’s free! Very limited offer – don’t miss out!

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Free now: ‘Uncertain Love’

30 Sep

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Twenty-one-year-old Amanda finds herself falling in love with Kevin, a self-assured guy from the right side of town. Doubts about his fidelity, though, start to creep in when unexpected circumstances arise. And Amanda fears her self-esteem may take a further nosedive when, finally, she meets Kevin’s well-to-do and notoriously snobbish family. Has fate prepared a different path for her, that she may ultimately tread hand-in-hand with someone else?
Set in Sydney, Australia, during the 1950’s, this story by award-winning author Margaret Lynette Sharp offers an engaging read for lovers of sweet romance.

And it’s free to download until 3rd October, 2019!

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