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What Makes a Writer?

14 Oct

Are you, or is someone you know, a writer?

What is it that drives we writers on?

Surely, a strong desire to communicate with fellow human beings must figure prominently. Yet, somehow, writing seems quite different to talking, either face to face or by telephone.

Writing gives us the opportunity to consider our choice of words and phrases; to fix our grammar if we see it needs amending: and think as many times as we wish before we pass on our message. Virtuous though this is, writing can, and often does, lack the vigorous spontaneity of speech. So, to be an effective writer, one must strike the right balance.

Because what is written is often available for mass scrutiny, a writer needs to be able to accept and assess criticism. This applies to both constructive criticism whereby relevant points are made by the critic,  and unjust criticism which, like bad advice, can cause untold problems if accepted and pursued.

It therefore follows that, to be a good writer requires the ability to step back from your work, and analyse it impartially,dispassionately; in the same light as an impartial reader.

Any comments?

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