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The Versatile Blogger Award

15 Apr

Guess what? Fellow blogger Jennifer Avventura has nominated me, along with fifteen others, for the Versatile Blogger Award.

This is the first time I’ve ever been nominated for an award, and, even better, Jennifer has kindly absolved me from fulfilling the stated conditions of acceptance.

However, in keeping with the award’s spirit, I’ll give away a few of my secrets.

1. As a three year old, I suffered a mystery illness, and my life may well have been saved by  the knowledge of the eminent doctor, Sir Lorimar Dodds.

2. Still on a medical theme, at age 28, I had surgery for appendicitis. I was still in post operative agony when someone revealed the truth. I did not actually have appendicitis! In fact, I didn’t need surgery…. That information went down like a lead balloon!

3. Also at age 28, I took up swimming: and, within a few years, was able to compete without embarrassment in inter-club meets.

4. In my early thirties, I actually dead-heated for first place in an inter-club swimming meet. The fact that all the really good swimmers in my age group were  elsewhere engaged had nothing to do with it….

5. I’ve had nine dogs in my life, with two of them reaching the ripe age of sixteen years. My present one – a Maltese – is a rescue dog. Who knows what is in her past?

6. I am afraid of heights. I am so afraid of heights that I cringe at the idea of looking downwards from elevators: you know, those glass-sided ones that shopping complexes usually have. You’ll never even catch me walking across a bridge.

7. I like teaching myself. Music, painting, studying: I like to set my own goals, and study and learn in my own way, and at my own pace.

There you are. I hope, Jennifer, that you now consider me a worthy recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award. And congratulations to you, and all other winners.

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