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On The Pontoon

12 Dec
On The Pontoon

On The Pontoon

On the pontoon rests a pair of birds.

This is hardly unusual, since this is a favourite spot for many types, from Swallows to Herons.

The pontoon itself is getting on, and rumor has it that it will be replaced. But I rather like it as it is, warts and all.


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Sparkling Water…

23 May
Sparkling water

Sparkling water

Water fascinates me.

Probably my favourite sight is the view of the local river baths.

Usually it has a calming atmosphere. Restful reflections– of birds, buildings, trees and so on– help to create a sense of peace.

But on this particular day, a special magic took hold. The water sparkled like a priceless jewel.


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High Tide

19 Feb
High tide in Sydney

High tide in Sydney

High tide!

An irresistible  invitation to swim!

Calm and warm, the water restores my sense of well-being and happiness. I feel alive, invigorated.

With such tranquil and natural surroundings, who could feel glum?

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Kookaburra Takes a Bath

31 Jan
Hello there!

Hello there!

A thorough job...

A thorough job…

Warm, sunny days tempt more than just humans into the water.

Just as we love swimming, at least some Kookaburras seem to relish getting thoroughly wet. It’s becoming quite common for me to spot one or more of these magnificent birds, thoroughly drenched through bathing in a pool of tap water.

And by the response I received, these Kingfishers are not the least bit camera-shy….Or have they just gotten used to my presence?

Who knows?

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My Fear: Drowning

31 Aug

It may seem a little incongruous that someone who declares their love of swimming may also express their fear of drowning, but believe me, the two can, and do, co-exist.

Unashamedly, I admit that I am uncomfortable in deep water. The two worst scenarios are: 1. a long way from shore, and 2. very deep swimming pools.

Undoubtedly, my issue with the  former lies in the fact that it takes greater time and effort to get back to safety than being close-handy. My problem with the second is linked to fear of heights. Swimming with my eyes open, looking straight down into the depths, spooks me severely.

First of all, let me say that fear of drowning isn’t baseless. Those of you who’ve ever suffered leg cramps can testify to their degree of incapacitation. Get a beauty in the water, and bingo! You’re in trouble!

I’ve learned to come to grips with my fear, and it’s all based on common sense. Firstly, I needed to practise doing it, but strictly under safe conditions, i.e with other, strong swimmers. Importantly, too, the conditions had to be right, both in the water, and in my own health. It can be counterproductive to push yourself too hard, and especially bad to swim when you’re unwell.

I guess what I’ve really done is to minimise my fear, harnessing it to controllable levels, and in the process, recognised that it simply isn’t baseless.

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