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My Favourite Toy

18 Aug

Thinking back over my childhood, it seems impossible to select just one toy as being more significant and enjoyed than any other, but certainly one of my favourites was the spinning top.

I was introduced to them at a very young age, probably as a three year old. I loved to see the colours whirling round and round, accompanied by an enthralling, almost other-worldly whir. I understand that they were quite expensive, and certainly they were bought only on special occasions. I say ‘they’ for a particular reason: sadly, all of mine were very short lived. Perhaps they were loved to death, or maybe the adults that sometimes set them spinning for me were just too enthusiastic, for invariably they broke long before their glory waned in my eyes. And so, their were several in my life, all fascinating, but now all gone; thrown away, a part of my childhood lost forever, except in my memory.

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