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What Develops our Taste in Music?

8 Oct

Have you ever wondered why? Why does your taste in music differ from, say, your child’s, your neighbours’, or your work-mates’?

Is appreciation of music an instinctive reaction, or is it learned? Is it influenced, strongly or mildly, by peers, or other society?

If your taste differs markedly from your partner, friend, or relative, do you willingly, even proudly, tell them? Or do you take another other tack : say nothing, feign approval, or water down your true feelings?

Why do you like what you like? Is it within you, as an individual: or is it a response to your environment, partly or wholly?

Has your taste changed as the years passed? Do, or will, you love as a sixty year old what you despised as a sixteen year old? Will you reject in maturity what you embraced as a youngster?

Or will you love, perhaps with even greater intensity, what you loved all your life?

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