FREE but Hurry: ‘Memories of Love’

18 Sep

Like sweet, nostalgic romance?

Right now, ‘Memories of Love’ is free to download on Amazon Kindle. But be quick, this offer ends in less than 24 hours!


Countdown Deal in the US

1 Sep

Here’s a deal for US lovers of JAFF.

My novel-length book, ‘From Longbourn, With Love’, is a Countdown deal at $1.99, for the next six days.


Just Released: “After the Pemberley Ball”

1 Sep

I’ve just released a short novelette, called ‘After the Pemberley Ball’. No prizes for guessing it’s Jane Austen Fan Fiction.

I thought that, maybe, you’d like to know a little about what’s involved in creating a short work.

The first ingredient was the idea. It swirled around in my brain for about a month, before I started to type,

Next came the interesting bit: every day for around nine days, I devoted an hour or two to its construction. I admit to dislike typing, but it had to be done, and so it was. At the end of the first day, I was excited. This soon waned, replaced by something akin to exhaustion. Not surprisingly, Regency English does not come naturally to me. However, I stuck to it – those of us born under the sign of Sagittarius seem destined to do so.

Time moved along, and so the first draft was finished. Next came the first editing, which I performed on my own. Next, my husband – retired pipe organ builder Ronald Sharp B.E.M. – did a second edit and proofread. Next, I made a cover, and soon the blurb – a rather tricky bit – was written, too.

The final stage – uploading to Amazon – is great fun. Even more thrilling is to see it, live, on its Amazon page!

Yes, it’s short, and so far, it’s been alternatively loved and loathed – but perhaps *you* would like it!


Free on 16th and 17th August: ‘Love, Desire and Betrayal’!

15 Aug

‘Love, Desire and Betrayal’ holds the distinction of being the most-reviewed of all my titles. Currently, it boasts 26 reviews on, with an average in excess of 4 stars.

For the first time ever, this collection of four, Australian romances will be free to download on Amazon Kindle, on the 16th and 17th August, 2017.

Some say the storiesĀ are bittersweet. Others say they are beautiful. Others again have commented they are true to life.

If this sounds like what you like to read, don’t miss this opportunity. It might never be repeated.


Like Sweet Romance? Another Freebie is Coming Soon!

9 Aug

Like sweet romance?

From 10th to 12th August, 2017, one of my best-reviewed short novels will be free to download on Amazon Kindle. With a 5 star review from Readers’ Favorite, I’m confident that it will be attractive to discerning readers.

By the way, all of my titles are always free to download with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Happy Reading!

In the Mood for Nostalgia? Free Right Now!

29 Jul

In the mood for nostalgia? Right now, and for the next 47 hours, ‘Romance, 50’s Style’ will be free to download on Amazon Kindle. Two sweet, Australian romances set in a bygone age…

FREE: Short Stories

27 Jul

Need cheering up? This collection of uplifting, Australian short stories is free now, and will be for the next forty-eight hours. Amazon Kindle.