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The Smiling Cow

29 Jan

Why is this cow smiling?

Perhaps it’s enjoying being the centre of attention at the local Australia Day show.

Perhaps it’s relishing the company–of humans, of farm-yard animals, and of pets.

Perhaps it’s savouring its new environment–the distant trees, the unusual grasses.

Does it know that it will soon play a major role– the animal star of ‘Milking the Cow’?

Whatever the reason –to our eyes at least– this cow is displaying a contagious grin. ūüôā

The Smiling Cow

The Smiling Cow

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Australia Day in the Park: In Sydney, Australia

28 Jan
The friendly goat

The friendly goat

Goat with attitude

Goat with attitude

Furry and Feathered Friends

Furry and Feathered Friends



Our local Council organized a wonderful, family day out in celebration of Australia Day on January 26.

Sheep in waiting (Shearing)

Sheep in waiting (Shearing)

Carnival-style stalls and demonstrations of country activities such as shearing the sheep and milking the cows provided some of the day’s highlights.

But for me, nothing could equal the delight of watching the farmyard animals.

One remarkably friendly and engaging baby goat kept coming up to me, seeking attention. I confess I would be tempted to have one as a pet if circumstances permitted.

As it is, Chicki need have no fear of competition.

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House Swapping, Parrot Style

21 Jul
Surveying the nest: Rainbow Lorikeets

Surveying the nest: Rainbow Lorikeets

2013_0718imagefacebook0273Do our native parrots covet others’ homes?

That’s the question I asked myself this morning when I saw what had happened.

For many weeks I’d watched the tireless diligence, the devoted effort, of a certain white cockatoo. Every day he’d be hard at work, chipping away. Every morning I’d see an impressive pile of wood-chips on the path below. Quite often, the lady of the house would come and inspect her partner’s progress, maybe give her opinion, and then fly off again.

And so it was with amazement that I witnessed today’s event. A small flock of Rainbow Lorikeets were eying up the nest, and apparently liking what they saw.

Have they decided to become squatters?

Who knows?

Happy Anniversary!

6 Nov

Chicki and Margaret on the first anniversary.

Today is a special day: it’s our first anniversary.

On this day, 6th September 2011, my husband Ron and I made a big decision. We chose to adopt.

We’d been thinking about this for over a month.¬† Every day,¬† I’d¬† religiously check the internet listings of the nearby RSPCA’s¬† and other animal surrender centres, and been sorely tempted several times.

We knew what we were looking for: a young Maltese female, not more than a year or so.  The type that was more than happy with a quiet, indoor life, and an occasional game of pull the rope: interspersed with outside activities such as strolls in the park, or beside a beach.

And then, one day,¬† we found her! She was standing in the corner of her sparsely-furnished pen: a sweet-looking, little white pup with, I soon learned, a shy disposition. And why not? With an unsettled past, hadn’t she been through quite a lot?

At first, I wondered if she would take to me: she hung back, as if wondering what it was all about. But before we knew it, she was in my arms: and we all knew then that she was The One.

And so, a year has passed, and she’s turned two.

With tons of outings under her belt, and lots of love dished out every day, I’ll bet she knows that she’s truly found her ‘forever home’.

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All the Fun of a Spring-time Fair!

21 Oct

White Nanny Goat in children’s display

Goat in farm display
Ponies at the fair

If crowd numbers are anything to go by, Australians love Fairs!  Whether judging by media reports or witnessing first-hand, who could fail to be impressed by both the crowd numbers and attractions?

My husband Ron and I recently visited a local Spring Fair. The warm, sunny weather doubtless contributed to their impressive display. A contagious, carnival atmosphere permeated the scene!

While motor bike rides, stalls of¬† what-have -you: and even a Haunted House: drew plenty of admirers, my own favourites were the animals. Impeccably presented Shetland ponies were on hand, and didn’t the kids (and their parents) love them!¬† One mum¬† I saw seemed to be videoing her child’s entire pony-back excursion!

No less popular were the farmyard animals. Their ‘getting to know you’ pen remained at or near capacity, all the time I looked enviously on. What a joy it is to see the animals and birds mingling happily with young family members!

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Happy Birthday, Chicki!

6 Oct

Chicki’s 2nd birthday


It’s not every day our little girl turns two!

Her day started with a much-loved present: a brand new rope toy, which instantly found its way between her teeth, where she held it for what seemed as long as possible  for a little Maltese.

After breakfast, we’re off to the park for a stroll on the promenade, and a sniff around the distant beach.

Time to head home, but, surprisingly we all hear a chorus: Happy Birthday to You! Sure, it was meant for someone else, but we added our Chicki’s name, and it became the perfect end to her special day out.

Happy Birthday, Chicki!

Strolling around my Favourite Place

4 Oct

Chicki on the promenade

Cockatoos flying


What a lovely morning! Sydney’s run of Spring-like weather continues, beckoning¬† us outdoors, to see and feel its glory.

Chicki, my little white dog,  and I strolled along the promenade, besides the river. We seemed quite alone, save for a flock of distant white cockatoos, some magpies, kookaburras, and a few tiny swallows perching on the net of the swimming baths.

For a while, only the sounds of the birds disturbed the peace: but there playful and busy noises in no way detracted from the beauty of the scene.

What a charming, relaxing place!

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