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On The Edge: A Kookaburra Rests

23 Jun


Kookaburras are pretty common in our local park. Even if I don’t see them, I usually hear their unmistakable laughter…

They have become quite used to humans, and some are so bold as to steal food from picnic tables…

Here’s a photo of one resting on the edge of a concrete slab in the park. Is he posing for the camera?

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A Pair of Kookaburras in the Park

3 May
A Pair of Kookaburras

A Pair of Kookaburras

Most of the time, I see Kookaburras on their own, or at least not as close together as these two.

Our local park (in suburban Sydney, N.S.W., Australia) is home to an enormous variety of birds : from tiny Welcome Swallows to huge Australian Pelicans. In the middle range comes thes delightful members of the Kingfisher family.


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Oh, and I must say ‘Thank you’ to Australian author Jan Merry for her review of my 2015 release, “Of Love and Secrets’. The Goodreads link has disappeared, but you can still read her review on Amazon. It is the most recent!   A Kindle edition is available through Amazon.


Making Their Presence Felt

11 Feb
Sulphur-crested Cockatoos by the river

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos by the river

Of late, our local Cockatoos  have been keeping a low profile, but this morning they were out in force.

Don’t you think that they are the characters of parrot family?

It’s hard to beat their comical expressions and engaging mannerisms.

As a species, they are very long-lived. Those inhabiting our local park have, I believe, plenty to be happy about!

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Happy Together: Australian Wood Ducks

8 Feb
Australian Wood Ducks

Australian Wood Ducks

It isn’t every day that I spot a pair of Australian Wood Ducks paddling on the river.

But when I do, it’s cause for delight.

Here’s a photo of such a pair, doing their thing in less than still water.


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Brenda’s Review: ‘Of Love and Secrets’

20 Dec

Thanks so much Brenda, for posting this review on Goodreads.

Of Love and Secrets
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)
Brenda’s review
Dec 19, 14

4 of 5 stars
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Read on December 19, 2014 — I own a copy

Jenny was feeling unhappy about her break-up with James – more so because he seemed to have found her replacement fairly quickly. Jenny was eighteen, still studying and finding her feet. She lived at home with her Mum and Dad as she didn’t have a job, so didn’t have the money to do anything more than that. The night she let her good friend Cate persuade her to go to a friend’s party turned out to be much nicer, much more fun that she had envisioned. Spending a lot of the evening in the company of Richard took her mind off James – then when Richard wanted to see her again the next day, she was delighted.

But her Mum was sure Jenny was too young to have a new relationship so soon after her break-up with James – she treated Jenny like a child; there were many heated arguments between mother and daughter. Would Jenny’s mother come round; would she acknowledge that she was indeed an adult and knew her own mind now? And what would the future bring for Richard and Jenny?

Of Love and Secrets is a delightful, sweet little romance; a quick, easy read by Aussie author Margaret Lynette Sharp which I enjoyed and in my opinion it is her best yet. I have no hesitation in recommending this novella to all lovers of a light romance.

With thanks to the author for my copy to read and review



‘Of Love and Secrets’ will be released on Amazon Kindle during January, 2015

A Welcome Visitor: A Spotted Dove

16 Dec
Spotted Dove

Spotted Dove

One of the bonuses of keeping budgerigars as pets is the attraction their left-over seed has to these sweet creatures.

For days afterwards, whenever I empty the budgies’ seed-dish into the empty flower-pots, one or more Spotted Doves fly in and start scratching for left-overs. They must be rewarded quite well, for usually they keep on coming back, time after time.


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Flannel Flowers By The River

11 Dec
Flannel Flowers by the river

Flannel Flowers by the river

Flannel Flowers are one of the few native plants that have been honoured by their appearance on Australian postage stamps.

Their simple beauty is a delight. Currently, they are in flower in our local park, and have become one of the highlights of our going to visit.


By the way, here’s a link to my third post on my new blog. Thanks go to those who visit!


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Focus on Birds: Crimson Rosella

10 Dec
Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

Such strikingly-coloured parrots!

I see them now and again. They are less common the Rainbow Lorikeets, but arguably, equally beautiful.

Crimson Rosellas are sometimes seen on the ground, but more often perched in trees or shrubs. They are very agile in flight, too.

Here’s a photo of one as he (or she) finds something tasty to eat.



With space on this blog running low, I’ve started another. Here’s the link.


I’ll still be posting here, as well as at the new one, while I can!

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On The Watch: A Rainbow Lorikeet

9 Dec
On The Watch: A Rainbow Lorikeet

On The Watch: A Rainbow Lorikeet

On the watch is this Rainbow Lorikeet. Looking around, protecting its nest…Who knows what’s inside?

I’m happy to report that these Australian parrots are very common in our local park, and, I guess, second only to Sulphur-crested Cockatoos in number.

Their colours are magnificent. Small wonder they’re named ‘Rainbow Lorikeets’!

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G’Day: A Lorikeet Looks …

6 Oct
G'day: A Rainbow Lorikeet

G’day: A Rainbow Lorikeet


This Rainbow Lorikeet seems to be looking straight at us.

In the local park, these strikingly-coloured birds have become quite people-friendly, often eating tasty morsels tossed by picnickers.

So lovely to see these and other birds in the wild.


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