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In The Wind: The Baths at their Blustery Peak…

2 Jun
In the wind...

In the wind…

Much of the time, the local swimming baths are a study in calmness. Mirror-like reflections delight the eye. But now and then, a strong wind brings with it a total change of mood, and makes life harder for those who brave the water…

Here’s a photo, taken at the height of such a weather event.

I’m Back in the Swim!

5 Sep

Despite the fact that it’s technically very early Spring, I’m back in the water!

Perhaps it’s symptomatic of global warming — I simply don’t know — but for whatever reason,  we have the ideal combination for refreshing, invigorating dip.

The water temperature in the river has hit 18 degrees Celsius: something that normally doesn’t happen until around 22nd September. And more: the daytime maximum is around the mid-twenties, with copious sunshine. Add high tide in the early morning, and there you have it: the perfect prescription for summer fun!

My favourite baths

My favourite baths