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Do You Love This Australian Native?

3 Sep

Do you love this Australian native?

I hasten to add it’s one of my favourites.

Its botanical name is Epacris Longiflora, though many call it Fuchsia Heath, and it grows wild in the bushland park where Chicki and I take our daily walk.

Right now it’s near its peak, and is a true sights for sore eyes, especially when its captured by the light.

Closely related to the spectacular floral emblem of Victoria,  Epacris Impressa,  for my money its beauty is hard to surpass.

What do you think?

Epacris Longiflora

Epacris Longiflora

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Sunset in Winter: Sydney, Australia

30 Jul

Sunsets vary widely in their beauty. Some are quite spectacular, while others are almost non-events.

In Sydney, the winter sunsets tend to be delightful.

Here is one that I recently photographed.


A Glorious Sydney Sunset

A Glorious Sydney Sunset

Early Autumn :Sunrise in Sydney

4 Apr
Sunrise in Sydney Australia

Sunrise in Sydney Australia

House light reflections

House light reflections

It had seemed destined to be a hassle: this (very) early-morning swim meet.

A 7a.m. start has set a precedent: the earliest in  all my decades of attendance.

And yet….

The magic starts as we amble down the hill. I catch more than a glimpse of distant houselights, reflecting on the river. A sight I’ve never seen before.

But that is only the beginning: the true spectacle will soon begin, and eclipse  my most wondrous expectations

I have never before seen a sunrise from this vantage point.  Watching the changing sky, minute by minute, second by second, is truly awesome. Clouds atop the trees are taking on brilliant hues and highlights. Below, the river echoes their reflections.

Small wonder that photographers try to capture it all!

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Wildflowers of Australia: Simply Beautiful!

12 Oct


Flannel flowers

There’s something special about wildflowers. In essence, it’s that they are as nature intended: not meddled with by human hands. Therefore, their beauty is intrinsic, not cultivated.

Here, I’ve chosen two entirely different types to show you. First,  Lomandra, with the river in the background. I’ll admit they have almost certainly been planted: nevertheless they are rather unusual, attractive and useful natives. Their impressive spikes offer important protection for wildlife, and their flowers exude a kind of subtle beauty, along with an unusual perfume.

Second, the genuine article: Flannel flowers, scattered here and there, with Mother Nature as their guide.Their grey leaves blend perfectly with their cream-coloured flowers. Interestingly, their ‘petals’ are not what they seem: they’re actually bracts surrounding clusters of insignificant flowers. Perhaps surprisingly, Flannel Flowers are related to carrots and celery!

As I go through our native park-lands, I’ll keep my eyes open for other awesome Australian wildflowers to show you!

Strolling around my Favourite Place

4 Oct

Chicki on the promenade

Cockatoos flying


What a lovely morning! Sydney’s run of Spring-like weather continues, beckoning  us outdoors, to see and feel its glory.

Chicki, my little white dog,  and I strolled along the promenade, besides the river. We seemed quite alone, save for a flock of distant white cockatoos, some magpies, kookaburras, and a few tiny swallows perching on the net of the swimming baths.

For a while, only the sounds of the birds disturbed the peace: but there playful and busy noises in no way detracted from the beauty of the scene.

What a charming, relaxing place!

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By the River

24 May

I looked across the river, towards the railway bridge a mile away. The sky seemed to emanate a special kind of beauty: the gentle beauty of heavily clouded days, with chinks of colour shining through.

Seemingly of their own accord, my eyes turned to the water, and instantly I gazed upon the wondrous reflections of the sky, especially those cheery shimmers of blue that mingled amongst the grey.

I turned away, taking in the trees: the tall gums, the petal-free Christmas bush. A flock of white cockatoos swooped, finally landing on a distant shore.

The skies are grey, but life is good.

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The Peril of Shopping

20 Apr

Despite being on the wrong side of an unspecified number, I like to dress young. Especially when Ron and I go out dancing.

I flatter myself that, if I choose carefully, I can carry this off.  Being tall, and just as slim as I was in my twenties, is my saving grace, along with my long, camouflaging hair.

‘So far, so good,’ you may be thinking. But there is a problem. The prime places to find such gear tend to have one thing in common: loud, unmelodious noise.

I won’t call it music because, to my mind it isn’t. I suppose many, if not most, young shoppers revel in this cacophony, but to me it’s nothing more than an endurance test. If I want to search for the product, apparently I, and others of like-mind, have to grin and bear it.

Did I get what I wanted? The answer’s ‘yes’! An elegant, softly flowing, navy mini-dress!

Hooray! The outcome justified the sacrifice: I’ll never forget the look on my husband’s face when he first saw me in it!

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