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Here I Come….

19 Sep

Here I come….

Is that what this Heron is thinking as it contemplates take-off?

Certainly its gaze is directed towards the water. Perhaps it’s contemplating where to go to get an easy meal….Or maybe it’s wondering where the others of his species are hanging out…

Whatever the answer, his (or her) elegant pose is worth a look….

A Heron contemplates....

A Heron contemplates….

King Parrots: Jewels of the Australian Bush

22 Aug

Today’s sunny, cool conditions brought with it an abundance of activity by the native birds in our local bushland park.

Cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, magpies, kookaburras: you name it: were out in force, delighting the unusually high number of mid-week visitors.

What pleased me most of all, though, was the presence of that most spectacular bird, the King Parrot.

Though these are sometimes quite camera-shy, hiding in the shadows of the tall gum trees, I have been lucky enough to capture some photographs.

Here’s one.

Aren’t they stunning?

A magnificent male King Parrot

A magnificent male King Parrot