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Memories of Last Summer

5 Feb
At Ramsgate Baths

At Ramsgate Baths

It’s been a while since I swam in Ramsgate Baths, on the Botany Bay Foreshores of Sydney, Australia. Last summer, in fact…

The reason?

Although I love the freshness of the sea, I’m scared of venomous sea-creatures such as sting-rays that can sometimes be found there.

And so, I stick to the river. That’s not to say that it’s hazard-free: it isn’t. But somehow, I’m less worried about the small chance of striking a jelly-blubber in the baths. Sharks, however, have been reported, but outside the swimming enclosure. They inhabit the river as well as the sea.

And yes, that’s me, braving Ramsgate Baths, last summer…

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Focus on Birds: Willy Wagtail

2 Nov
Willy Wagtail

Willy Wagtail

Willy Wagtails are sweet little birds. As their name implies, they wag their tails: quite vigorously, I might add. I have never seen one in our local park, though they are around near Ramsgate Beach ( on the Botany Bay Foreshores) and also  at the picnic ground at Sydney’s well-known Cronulla Beach.

I would love to see them more often, but such is life. And I can’t complain, since some of the gorgeous birds that live nearby are not seen on my visits to where this little one inhabits.


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