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Who likes Noisy Miners?

16 Nov

Who likes Noisy Miners?

Quite often, they are on the receiving end of bad press.

People say they are aggressive, and chase away other, sweeter birds.

Nevertheless, they can be quite engaging little characters.

Here’s a photo of a pair, taken at my local park.

Noisy Miners

Noisy Miners


A Pretty Pair….

30 Sep

One of my favourite sights in the bush are the King Parrots. Usually, I spot the magnificent male of the species, all alone. But this time my luck was in, since there he perched, high on a tree, not so very far away from his mate.


A pair of King Parrots

A pair of King Parrots


I Love a Stroll Around this Track….

9 Sep

I love a stroll around this track, and so does Chicki.

The sights and smells of the Australian bush hold interest for each of us, especially now, with Spring in the air!

This photograph was taken before the warmth of the day burnt off the morning dew.

Pity this age of technology hasn’t yet worked out a way of scent-transference……

Our favourite track

Our favourite track

Kookaburra or Cockatoo: Which is King?

31 Aug

Who makes their presence most felt in the Australian bush,:the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo with its spectacular flocks and unmistakable screech,  or  the Kookaburra with is striking plumage and well-loved laugh?

I’ve shown you recently some photos of the Cockies, so this time the kookaburra can hog the spotlight.

Here is one I snapped recently in the local bush.

Kookaburra in the Australian Bush

Kookaburra in the Australian Bush

In the Australian Bush: Spring is Coming…

12 Aug

Here we are in mid August, and Spring is just around the corner.

In our local parkland, the native flora is bursting into life.

Some of the most charming flowers are the tiny ones that cluster near tall trees.

Here’s a photograph I took just a few days ago, in Sydney, Australia

Australian bushland

Australian bushland