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High Tide

19 Feb
High tide in Sydney

High tide in Sydney

High tide!

An irresistible  invitation to swim!

Calm and warm, the water restores my sense of well-being and happiness. I feel alive, invigorated.

With such tranquil and natural surroundings, who could feel glum?

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Who Loves Flannel Flowers?

2 Oct

Who loves Flannel Flowers?

My hand has just shot up! Their quiet beauty is a highlight of Spring in the Australian bush.

In our local park they are pretty scarce, but even a few clumps provide a wealth of photo opportunities.

Just a few days ago I noticed they were starting to bloom.


Australian native: Flannel Flowers

Australian native: Flannel Flowers

More Yellow Flowers Bloom in the Australian Bush

26 Aug

As the iconic Wattles fade, another yellow-flowered shrub is catching my eyes.

It’s quite a golden shade, and it’s certainly at home in my local bushland. Look around, and there are plenty of these to spot…

Can anyone give me its name?

Golden-flowered Australian native

Golden-flowered Australian native

Can you Spot the Cockatoo?

24 Aug

Can you spot the cockatoo?

It’s here, in a quite unusual place!

One of the pleasures of living near the river, set in bushland, is being able to observe nature first hand, and at close quarters.

Cockatoos, particularly white ones, are one of the stars of the parrot world, and they abound.

So, can you spot this adventurous one?

Can you spot the cockatoo?

Can you spot the cockatoo?