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Camellia Time!

24 Sep


Here in Sydney, the Camellias are in bloom. This is one of mine. It’s a Japonica variety: you can tell by its large, glossy leaves and the well-formed, large flowers.

In their prime, Camellias are hard to beat. They rival the roses for colour and form, but are quite without thorns.


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Charming Camellias

11 Jul


Camellias are one of the joys of winter.

Their status is beyond question.

The beauty of their flowers is hard to surpass. And unlike roses, they have no thorns.

Here is a photo of one my own specimens, which I have looked after for about ten years.

Such a lovely colour, don’t you think?

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From My Garden: Pink Camellias

20 Aug

Despite their drawbacks, I love Camellias. For many weeks now, my favourite one has graced our yard with its glorious pink blooms.

It’s so long ago since I planted it that I’m not certain of its name, but I think it’s called Prince Frederick William. It’s a Japonica variety: its large and lovely glossy leaves testify to that.

These flowers are one of the many floral joys of an Australian

A Camellia in our Garden

A Camellia in our Garden

mid Winter to early Spring.

Let’s go outside and enjoy it!