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After the Bath: Chicki’s Revenge….

12 Sep
Turning the other cheek....

Turning the other cheek….

I always wanted coloured legs, and now I've got them.....

I always wanted coloured legs, and now I’ve got them…..

Like many canines, Chicki’s list of preferred activities does not include the bath-time ritual , though admittedly she does get some mileage out of the chase that usually precedes it.  Outsmarting Mummy is great fun: or so she seems to be thinking….

Inevitably, though, the procedure goes ahead, and at length she emerges:  clean, white, and sweet-smelling.

She is , however, becoming increasingly reluctant to admit defeat, and lately she has found an answer, as these photos clearly show….

How dare she do this to me....

How dare she do this to me….

Chicki Sees The Sea!

10 Sep

Ron, Chicki and I live close to the river, and spend most of our recreational time near it shores.

But sometimes a change is in order, and a few weeks ago we chose to drive further, and took Chicki to the seaside.


Chicki and me at the seas-side.

Chicki and me at the seaside.

Dogs aren’t allowed on this beach, but nevertheless they’re quite welcome on the promenade. Chicki came nose-to-nose with many friendly canines.

She saw the waves as they came crashing in. She heard their roar.

And best of all, she smelled the salty sea!

Let’s Take a Walk….

6 Sep
Chicki going out...

Chicki going out…

I’ve lived with many canines during my life, but none surpasses Chicki in the excitement stakes!

And what makes her most excited?

That’s easy:  it’s the daily drive to the park, followed by –you guessed it– a walk.

Not just any old walk, though: it’s got to be where the most enticing smells can be found. Luckily for me, this goes hand in hand with beautiful bush and water views.

Doesn’t she look a picture of happiness? I wonder what’s on her mind…..


20 Nov

Just as humans benefit from friendship,

Chicki and Kelvin: friends

so do our canine companions.

Take for example our young Maltese, Chicki. As an ‘only’ dog, at home she misses out on contact with other four-legged friends.

Out and about, though, it’s a different story. Although she’s choosy, she has several furry comrades.

Meet Kelvin! He’s a strong, ruggedly handsome Kelpie: his manners are impeccable. Exuding charm, his calm demeanour  makes him an ideal pal for our young lady.

They often rendezvous by the river, and watch, enthralled, the goings-on of everyone: human and animal.

And there’s more to their bond that meets the eye. Both Kelvin and Chicki are ex RSPCA dogs: they’ve known another life.

Is it any wonder they’re so chummy together?

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