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As Christmas Becomes a Memory…

23 Jan

Four weeks have passed since Christmas Day.

Memories– of get-togethers with family and friends, of gifts, and maybe of spiritual contemplation –perhaps still hold a special place in our consciousness.

Recently at the local bushland park I observed the last of the Christmas Bush, fading away. Still lovely, though its cheerful glow had weakened in intensity.

And so, as one season passes, another comes into view.

Easter is just around the corner, and already the supermarkets are selling the first of the ever-popular Easter Buns.

I wonder will the Easter Bunny visit me? Visit you?

Love milk chocolate!

The remnants of Christmas Bush

The remnants of Christmas Bush

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It’s Still Out: Australian Christmas Bush!

15 Jan

Christmas 2013 has been and gone, but here in Sydney, the bushes that we so often chose for Christmas decoration are hanging onto their cheerful colours.

If I remember correctly, the little red flowers are not flowers at all. They’re bracts. The true flowers precede them, small and insignificant, and are a not very attractive shade of white or cream.

Beside the river, and in our front garden, these mature and charming displays of Christmas cheer are still a vivid reminder of the recent festive season.

Australian Christmas Bush

Australian Christmas Bush


Is it only forty-nine weeks till Christmas Day, 2014?

Chicki’s Christmas

26 Dec
Ron and Chicki

Ron and Chicki

2012_1226imagefacebook0022Chicki knew she had to be good. After all, Santa was watching : and all she wanted was a new rope toy.

So, as  her daddy Ron received his gift from her mummy Margaret, she was all alert and expectant.

Her face said, ‘Where’s mine?’

Within seconds  it appeared, and all was excitement!

The game that ensued amongst us all became a Christmas highlight!

What would Christmas be without special moments like these?

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Christmas is Coming!

10 Dec
The brass band

The brass band



Red engine

Red engine

Today, Santa arrived!

I saw him in my neighbourhood, listening to children of many ages: even having a word or two with the grown-ups that tagged along.

Is Santa the greatest traditionalist in the world? After all, year after year he dons a bright red suit: surely more at home is colder climates. But in his wisdom, he knows: that’s his signature. Hot or cold, fine or snowing (or in between): that’s how we know and love him.

But in this day and age, the local kids are treated to more. For this Santa was accompanied by a red ‘fire engine’: all decked out with tinsel, and packed with happy youngsters. Round and round they went, waving; yelling ‘Happy Christmas’!

A local Brass Band, decked out in uniform, completed the spectacle. As I heard their yuletide tunes, it capped the mood.

Christmas is coming!

It’s Christmas!

20 Dec

Mother nature has sent us a reminder that it’s Christmas-time here in Australia.

The Christmas bush has coloured up, its rustic orange-red flower-shaped bundles are out. Not just in the native bushland. No. Many old homes have lovely specimens growing in their gardens.

We are very lucky, Ron and I, since we have a showy, Christmas display in our front garden. Every year, a very old, stunted tree planted long before my time, rises to the occasion and rewards our neighbourhood with its symbol of Yuletide.

And more! Our side passage is graced by several, equally old but much larger trees. Doubtless, many passer-byes catch more than a glimpse of its cheerful colour.

Merry Christmas!

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What I Always Wanted

31 Aug

I remember waking up crying, when I was about six years old. I wanted a scooter!

Scooters were wonderful!  I’d watched with envy as my friends whizzed past, having the time of their lives.  My three wheeler bike lacked the excitement, the thrill of the scooter.

Could I have one for Christmas?  To pacify me, my parents said ‘yes’, but when the time came, no scooter appeared.  Had Santa run out of them?

Who knows what would have become of me if  that marvel of speed, the scooter, had become part of my life?

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