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The Place To Be…..

13 Oct

The place to be…..

Who can blame this kookaburra for perching on this water bubbler?

Just below lies a tempting pool of fresh water, ideal for drinking or bathing.

Today, Sydney experienced another scorcher although technically it’s mid-Spring.

Whatever will Summer be?

Kookaburra on the Bubbler

Kookaburra on the Bubbler

My guess is that like this Kookaburra, Sydneysiders will be trying to keep cool.


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I’m Back in the Swim!

5 Sep

Despite the fact that it’s technically very early Spring, I’m back in the water!

Perhaps it’s symptomatic of global warming — I simply don’t know — but for whatever reason,  we have the ideal combination for refreshing, invigorating dip.

The water temperature in the river has hit 18 degrees Celsius: something that normally doesn’t happen until around 22nd September. And more: the daytime maximum is around the mid-twenties, with copious sunshine. Add high tide in the early morning, and there you have it: the perfect prescription for summer fun!

My favourite baths

My favourite baths


At Low Tide: Down by the River

21 Aug

They say time and tide waits for no man.

Having lived near a river for most of my life, I’ve had ample opportunity to observe the the ebb and flow of the water. What a difference it makes!

At extreme low tide, swimming in the baths is impossible. Christmas tides peak at extraordinary levels, but the corresponding low level is just as spectacular in its own way.

Here’s a photo taken at low tide at an area just beside the baths.

Low tide

Low tide



The Silver Lining….

12 Mar
Cumulo Nimbus over the coast.

Cumulo Nimbus over the coast.

There’s a song that tells us to look for it, but sometimes it can be elusive.

Nonetheless, my husband (and editor) Ronald Sharp captured a true example of it, just recently.

Beautiful though it is, in reality it was the forerunner of a major, adverse weather event: a tornado at sea.

The moral?

Who knows?

Maybe: One needs to be wary, even of those glorious  silver linings…….

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12 Dec

I cannot let this day pass without pointing out that many decades will slip away before mankind sees  another date like this!

Perhaps governments of the world should have declared a Happy Twelves Day! And why not? Let’s grab every chance we can to celebrate, while we’re here!

In Sydney, Australia,  it’s been a beautiful, early Summer day: lots of sunshine, not too hot: just right.

Wherever you are, I hope that life has treated you just fine, and that you somehow  got a sense of where we all are in the scheme of life.

Happy Day!