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Through the window-pane

20 Nov

Pink Geranium

What’s more cheering than brightly-coloured flowers? And what better place to see these is through a window-pane?

I guess it’s just luck that this beautiful, pink geranium has climbed so high that it’s reached eye-level at my laundry window. It lifts the whole environment.

Why not take a peek around your place and see if there’s a way to emulate this? You never know, it may be possible, even by using plants in containers. Believe me, it makes a difference!

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Wildflowers of Australia: Simply Beautiful!

12 Oct


Flannel flowers

There’s something special about wildflowers. In essence, it’s that they are as nature intended: not meddled with by human hands. Therefore, their beauty is intrinsic, not cultivated.

Here, I’ve chosen two entirely different types to show you. First,  Lomandra, with the river in the background. I’ll admit they have almost certainly been planted: nevertheless they are rather unusual, attractive and useful natives. Their impressive spikes offer important protection for wildlife, and their flowers exude a kind of subtle beauty, along with an unusual perfume.

Second, the genuine article: Flannel flowers, scattered here and there, with Mother Nature as their guide.Their grey leaves blend perfectly with their cream-coloured flowers. Interestingly, their ‘petals’ are not what they seem: they’re actually bracts surrounding clusters of insignificant flowers. Perhaps surprisingly, Flannel Flowers are related to carrots and celery!

As I go through our native park-lands, I’ll keep my eyes open for other awesome Australian wildflowers to show you!