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Sasha the Frisbee-Catcher in Action!

17 Dec
Sasha in action

Sasha in action

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here’s Sasha, the best Frisbee-catcher I’ve ever seen, doing her thing.

She’s one of a select group of local canines who can boast that they are friends of our Chicki.


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Chicki Goes Visiting

21 Sep


Our Maltese Chicki loves to go out in the car. These days, she has her own seat in the middle of the back, where she is safely harnessed in.

In this photo, though, she is enjoying her stint in the front with Ron as she looks out the car window while she waits for my return.

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Chicki Looks Ahead

6 May

Chicki looks ahead, upwards and onwards…

Here she is at one of her favourite spots, down by the river. And does she love to go there! After every visit, she thanks her Daddy for taking her by going up to him and making a sign: sometimes a look, a touch, or a lick.

Happy times 🙂

Chicki at her favourite place

Chicki at her favourite place

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On the Highest Tide of the Year….

9 Jan

Earlier this month, Sydney waters experienced the highest tide of the year.

Officially 2.04 metres, it may well have been even higher, for at the baths (where I’ve swum for over thirty years) on the Georges River , I’ve never seen it so high..

Though not a regular swimmer, my husband Ron decided that this was an opportunity too good to miss. With the water temperature being around 25 degrees, who could blame him?

Our Maltese cross, Chicki, couldn’t bear to be left out, and soon discovered that she was almost chest-deep in salt water though her feet were firmly on the promenade.

For her, the adventure was followed by a warm wash, then  sun-baking on a chair.

What a memorable day!

Where's the Beach?

Where’s the Beach?

Ron and Chicki enjoying the water

Ron and Chicki enjoying the water

I'm wet!

I’m wet!

Drying off in style

Drying off in style

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Happy Anniversary!

6 Nov

Happy Anniversary!

On this day in 2011, Ron and I made a fateful decision. We adopted Chicki!

I remember her shyness: at first. she backed away from us, from me.

But, encouraged by her R. S. P. C. A. keeper, she quickly thawed out, and sat quite contentedly on my lap for the long drive home. I recall Ron’s pleasure as he observed how interested she seemed to be in the goings-on outside our vehicle.

So now, two years on, she’s secured an elevated place in  our lives and in our hearts.

Happy Anniversary, Chicki!

Chicki in the park

Chicki in the park



Life’s a Beach…

14 Oct

Life’s a beach….

Is that what Chicki’s thinking?

Doesn’t she look relaxed as she takes in the beautiful surroundings?

It’s a far cry from the animal shelter where we first met, almost two years ago…..

Life's a Beach...

Life’s a Beach…

Let’s Take a Walk….

6 Sep
Chicki going out...

Chicki going out…

I’ve lived with many canines during my life, but none surpasses Chicki in the excitement stakes!

And what makes her most excited?

That’s easy:  it’s the daily drive to the park, followed by –you guessed it– a walk.

Not just any old walk, though: it’s got to be where the most enticing smells can be found. Luckily for me, this goes hand in hand with beautiful bush and water views.

Doesn’t she look a picture of happiness? I wonder what’s on her mind…..

Blowing in the Wind….

15 Aug

What a windy morning! But no surprise: in Sydney, August always seems to have its share of such conditions.

Along with a handful of others, Chicki and I braved the breezes to have a stroll along the promenade by the river.

A couple of wild ducks huddled on the pontoon; nearly invisible due to their tight compression.

Fewer birds than usual made an appearance. Only a flock of wild cockatoos squawked and glided high.

Nevertheless, for me at least, it became an enjoyable experience.

Chicki in the Wind

Chicki in the Wind

Patience is a Virtue…

13 Aug

Patience is a virtue…

I’ve heard it said since childhood.

Sometimes it’s hard for us humans to be patient, but modern canines seem to have mastered the art.

Waiting to be taken out, waiting for their owner to come home, waiting for a game, a treat….the list is endless.

Our Chicki is a model pet as she waits for me to take photographs: of the surroundings, of people, of other animals, and of her.

What a sweetheart!

Patient Chcki

Patient Chcki


20 Nov

Just as humans benefit from friendship,

Chicki and Kelvin: friends

so do our canine companions.

Take for example our young Maltese, Chicki. As an ‘only’ dog, at home she misses out on contact with other four-legged friends.

Out and about, though, it’s a different story. Although she’s choosy, she has several furry comrades.

Meet Kelvin! He’s a strong, ruggedly handsome Kelpie: his manners are impeccable. Exuding charm, his calm demeanour  makes him an ideal pal for our young lady.

They often rendezvous by the river, and watch, enthralled, the goings-on of everyone: human and animal.

And there’s more to their bond that meets the eye. Both Kelvin and Chicki are ex RSPCA dogs: they’ve known another life.

Is it any wonder they’re so chummy together?

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