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Focus on Birds: Little Black Cormorants

5 Nov
Little Black Cormorant

Little Black Cormorant

Despite preferring fresh water, Little Black Cormorants frequently visit our local, salt-water, river baths.

These birds are small, black and glossy: their bill is thin and hooked.

Here’s a photo of one in the baths.


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The Place To Be…..

13 Oct

The place to be…..

Who can blame this kookaburra for perching on this water bubbler?

Just below lies a tempting pool of fresh water, ideal for drinking or bathing.

Today, Sydney experienced another scorcher although technically it’s mid-Spring.

Whatever will Summer be?

Kookaburra on the Bubbler

Kookaburra on the Bubbler

My guess is that like this Kookaburra, Sydneysiders will be trying to keep cool.


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