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What Do I Love About Writing?

18 Jun

What do I love about writing?

It’s the feeling of accomplishment that comes at the end of each section, compounded when the book somehow merges into an entity, and becomes itself.

It’s the glow of achievement when I hold each new edition in my hands, and peruse the brand new pages. The recognition that it’s mine: my words, my ideas; a part of me that, through the mysterious process of writing, has, almost by magic, materialized into something tangible.

It’s the cherished hope that, some day, many people throughout the universe may read and relate to my concepts, and decide that they want to seek out more.

It’s the potential for fulfillment of all my early promise that somehow was swept away by fate.

It’s the chance for  acceptance: of me.

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Time to Share my Secret

17 Feb

Fellow writers and readers alike, it’s time I shared my secret. I’m writing my sixth book!

Very quietly, I’ve been plugging away;  searching for inspiration, rejoicing when it turned to reality.

What a buzz it is when something turns out just right: when your ideas gel, and evolve into an engrossing read.

Are you your harshest critic? If so, doesn’t that double your delight?

In sweeping away the inevitable self doubts that, I guess, creep into even the most competent and confident authors, doesn’t a successful outcome go a long way to re-charging our batteries: re-igniting our enthusiasm?

Energized yet relaxed, I look forward to the fulfillment of yet another literary project.

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