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Cockies on the Shore….

25 Sep

Cockies on the shore…..

Well, right beside it, anyway. This small flock is feeding just behind the sandy shores of our local swimming baths.

Better be quiet lest they stir, and fly high into the mature  gum trees nearby….


White cockatoos on the shore

White cockatoos on the shore

King Parrots: Jewels of the Australian Bush

22 Aug

Today’s sunny, cool conditions brought with it an abundance of activity by the native birds in our local bushland park.

Cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, magpies, kookaburras: you name it: were out in force, delighting the unusually high number of mid-week visitors.

What pleased me most of all, though, was the presence of that most spectacular bird, the King Parrot.

Though these are sometimes quite camera-shy, hiding in the shadows of the tall gum trees, I have been lucky enough to capture some photographs.

Here’s one.

Aren’t they stunning?

A magnificent male King Parrot

A magnificent male King Parrot

What a display: West Australian Red-flowering Gums!

5 Jan

A week or two ago, I decided I’d better be quick: these beautiful flowering gums were passing their prime. So I immediately grabbed the camera and hot-footed it!

Eucalyptus ficifolia, as the botanists call it, is making its presence felt in the suburbs of Sydney these days as a stunning tree, both in gardens and, increasingly, as a street specimen. We are lucky in living close to several trees: and their brilliant displays have become a summer highlight.

I believe there is also a hybrid between these West Australian Red flowering Gums and Bloodwoods, another Eucalyptus. These varieties have bronze-coloured foliage.

Whatever type you see in bloom, my bet is that you’re assured of a glorious sight.

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Red Flowering Gum

Red Flowering Gum

A Sunshiny Spring Day in the Park

1 Oct

Wildflowers by the river

Cockatoo feeding

Spring! The season for lovers, poets, and just about anyone who loves to see the renewal of life.

Spring! A time for celebration of nature’s beauty: wildflowers.

Spring! A day: today: when the white cockatoos squawked ever louder, flying higher, ever higher, then coming in to land on the branches of old gum trees. Squawking loudly: gaily raising the yellow plumage that adorns their heads. Swooping to the ground, searching for food. Delighting my eyes!

A glorious day in a native parkland, in Sydney, Australia!

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After the Rain….in Sydney, Australia

23 Jul

Here we are again, in the park. It’s mid winter: the wattles are coming out, brightening the scene with their yellow balls of fluffy colour.

The rain is abating, and the air is fresh and clean. The dust has settled, making everywhere so magically beautiful.  Peace reigns supreme.

Suddenly, almost overhead, a flock of squawking, white cockatoos appears, flying jubilantly into the tall gum trees.

We are not alone.

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