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There’s a Magpie on the Shore

7 Jan

There’s a magpie on the shore!

Now and then I see these handsome birds strutting around on the yellow sand.

Mostly, though, they’re either perched in trees, spreading their wings in the air, or diligently

Magpie on the Shore

Magpie on the Shore

searching the ground. Cadging picnickers for scraps on the promenade beside the tables and chairs seems to be another of their favourite activities.

Sometimes, magpies get bad press. Complaints about swooping are not uncommon, especially in their breeding season.

But as far as I’m concerned, they’ve done me no harm, and I love to hear their beautiful song.

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Kookaburra: Australian Icon

12 Nov

Hands up who likes Kookaburras!

What strikingly handsome birds they are…

The ones that inhabit the local bushland park have adapted well to contact with we humans, often snatching food scraps (or even stuff that’s meant for the mouths of humans…)

Although they quite often perch on man-made structures such as railings, bubblers or even garbage-bins, they are most at home in the tall trees, especially those of the variety Eucalyptus.

Enjoy this, one of my favourite photos.



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