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Little Things Mean So Much…

17 Apr

In today’s world, compliments are rare. It seems all too easy for folk to pass over the doings of others, and forget to say those little things that amount to praise, or take those actions that give others a boost.

So I count myself extremely fortunate today to have met a friend that has just paid me the type of compliment I most desire. He tells me he has borrowed one of my titles : ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’ :from the local library, and is about to start reading it….

This knowledge made me smile: and the glow of pleasure it produced lasted for hours. My mood lifted, just as sunrise lifts curtain of darkness. The day went from hum-drum to fantastic: and all because he’d chosen to sample one of my titles, and bothered to impart his decision to me.

It got me thinking: how  little acts of kindness or interest in others can achieve what no pill can; and often, what society’s  great god, money, cannot.

What’s Good About Being Sick?

28 Aug

What’s good about being sick?

Being currently in the concluding stages of influenza, I can vouch: very little. Sickness is a blight: it richly deserves its abysmal reputation.

Apart from all the discomfort and misery it brings by virtue of symptoms, it carries with it an additional burden: inability to work. Result? A huge backlog of toil, ready and waiting for the victim’s recovery. Something to look forward to?

Seriously, though, there is something positive in the sickness experience. How absolutely wonderful it is to get well! A simple treat becomes magnified in its enjoyment.

Life is good!

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Back in the Dentist’s Chair

20 Mar

What a day!

I front up again like the proverbial lamb, held together by one saving grace. This is it: the end of the line. By two-thirty: three at the latest: I’ll be free!

I convince myself that today will be easier. After all, aren’t I getting to be an old hand at this? My third session in as many weeks; surely familiarity breeds something positive.

It doesn’t take long to dispel this dream: five minutes in, I know this is one of those things that simply doesn’t get better.

Oh, what a sigh of relief I’ll breathe at the end of it…..

“There are two more holes,” the dentist tells me matter-of-fact. It’s just as well I am sitting down.

Oh well, such is life!



In the Dentist’s Chair

13 Mar

Hands up anyone who doesn’t cringe at the prospects of a stint in the dentist’s chair.

Any stalwarts? Then I for one salute you!

If you want to slow down time, then book a dental appointment. I know of few other places where a minute can seem like an hour.

This morning, I had plenty of time to consider it all.

I don’t know what was the most revolting: the numbness that overtook my jaw as well as my gums; the irritating,uncontrollable water that trickled here and there;  the drill’s vibration;  the monotonous, whirring noise; the feeling of a plasticine-like mass in my mouth; or the knowledge that I’d be back again next week….

Technology has enabled man to land on the moon. Why can’t it figure out a way to have dentistry by proxy?

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