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Before the Heat…

17 Oct

Ron, Chicki and I spent part of this morning in the park.


Cockatoos by the Shore

Cockatoos by the Shore

Fortunately, the forecast heat had barely started.

Perhaps the cockatoos had gotten wind of the prediction, though, for they were stoking up early with food and water.

Are these the most engaging parrots in the Australian bush?

The Place To Be…..

13 Oct

The place to be…..

Who can blame this kookaburra for perching on this water bubbler?

Just below lies a tempting pool of fresh water, ideal for drinking or bathing.

Today, Sydney experienced another scorcher although technically it’s mid-Spring.

Whatever will Summer be?

Kookaburra on the Bubbler

Kookaburra on the Bubbler

My guess is that like this Kookaburra, Sydneysiders will be trying to keep cool.


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