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House Swapping, Parrot Style

21 Jul
Surveying the nest: Rainbow Lorikeets

Surveying the nest: Rainbow Lorikeets

2013_0718imagefacebook0273Do our native parrots covet others’ homes?

That’s the question I asked myself this morning when I saw what had happened.

For many weeks I’d watched the tireless diligence, the devoted effort, of a certain white cockatoo. Every day he’d be hard at work, chipping away. Every morning I’d see an impressive pile of wood-chips on the path below. Quite often, the lady of the house would come and inspect her partner’s progress, maybe give her opinion, and then fly off again.

And so it was with amazement that I witnessed today’s event. A small flock of Rainbow Lorikeets were eying up the nest, and apparently liking what they saw.

Have they decided to become squatters?

Who knows?