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Beautiful Bottlebrush!

17 Feb

For years I tried and failed to grow a Bottlebrush. For whatever reason–poor choice of location, wrong time of planting, adverse weather or unwise  depth of planting to name but a few — all my efforts met with failure.

At last, Lady Luck smiled upon me and I have successfully grown four lovely specimens in our backyard. Some flower several times a year and attract our wonderful native birds.

Living in suburban Sydney certainly has its upside!

Beautiful Bottlebrush

Beautiful Bottlebrush

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A Walk in the Park: Chicki and Friend

2 Sep
Smells good....

Smells good….

'Let's get going' (Millie)

‘Let’s get going’ (Millie)

Our Chicki seems to love nothing better than a walk in the park, especially when she meets one or more of her special friends.

A few days ago, Lady Luck smiled on her, for she met that most affable of canines, the lovely mini Maltese Millie.

Sniffing around together made for a delightful, bonding experience.

What fun lies ahead in the bush!

Wonder what's ahead....

Wonder what’s ahead….

Let’s explore together……