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Let’s Head for the Mangroves…

25 Jun
Let's Head for the Mangroves...

Let’s Head for the Mangroves…

Let’s head for the mangroves…

I can image this pair of Silver Gulls deciding on this course of action.

Low tide reveals so much.

Who knows what they will discover?

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Low Tide: An Egret Visits

18 Sep

Though it makes swimming more difficult, and sometimes even impossible, low tide has its attractions.

There is a raw beauty in the exposed rocks, some studded with oyster shells. And something else: the graceful water birds often come to feed.

Some time ago, my visit to the river at low tide coincided with that of a beautiful, large white bird.

A welcome visitor: a beautiful Egret

A welcome visitor: a beautiful Egret

An egret had landed beside a very small, quiet beach: a favourite spot for Chicki and me to visit.

Luckily, my camera was on hand!


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At Low Tide: Down by the River

21 Aug

They say time and tide waits for no man.

Having lived near a river for most of my life, I’ve had ample opportunity to observe the the ebb and flow of the water. What a difference it makes!

At extreme low tide, swimming in the baths is impossible. Christmas tides peak at extraordinary levels, but the corresponding low level is just as spectacular in its own way.

Here’s a photo taken at low tide at an area just beside the baths.

Low tide

Low tide



More from Sydney, Australia!

22 Dec

I have a penchant for noticing unusual events, so I can’t resist pointing these out.

I suppose everyone from our part of the world knows that today is the longest day.  The weather in Sydney has been so mild that it seems like summer is slipping away, bereft of the hot, sunny days that seem to typify it. The turning point has arrived, yet how many Sydney siders have really grasped it?

Strange,too, is the tide at Fort Denison, Sydney. Low tide is predicted tonight at -wait for it- exactly mid-night, Eastern Standard time. “Well, you’re on Daylight Saving Time,” you might be saying. Fair enough, but still, it’s a very rare event indeed to have this tidal prediction.

All this, and Christmas Day is just a few sleeps away!

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