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Manly Beach: Seven Miles from Sydney…

3 Dec
Margaret Sharp at Manly

Margaret Sharp at Manly

When I was a child, my parents often took me to Manly. We would get a bus to Sydney’s Circular Quay, and from there catch the ferry.

The signage has stuck with me throughout my life. ‘Seven Miles From Sydney, A Thousand Miles From Care’.

These days, of course, it’s all metric. Kilometres have replaced miles. But the principle remains the same. ūüôā

Its beaches are lovely, though on the day Ron and I visited it the breeze blew rather strong.

This is a photo of me sitting on a ledge, with the main beach in the background.

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Another Lovely Review: ‘Michaela Betrayed’

28 Aug

What a lovely surprise! I woke up this morning to discover that Goodreads moderator Brenda had posted the following review of my ninth title, ‘Michaela Betrayed’.

Brenda’s Reviews > Michaela Betrayed

Michaela Betrayed
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)


Brenda‘s review

Aug 27, 13

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Read on August 27, 2013 ‚ÄĒ I own a copy
Living in Sydney with her mother and father, Michaela found herself full of excitement when she won the scholarship to study music in London. Her Dad had been famous in his day, and she was happy to be able to follow in his footsteps. They were incredibly proud of her; the only blight on her happiness was leaving Thomas. She was very close to him; he was an aspiring writer, having trouble finding a publisher but doing his best.Settling into London in a flat with two other female students, Anna and Sally, Michaela was happy with the way life was going for her. Anna was also missing a boyfriend but felt her music was her priority. Exams were on the horizon, the teachers were pleased with her progress, but when Michaela fell ill, her subsequent return to Australia for recuperation meant her life would change.What would happen to Michaela and her dreams? Would she find a life with Thomas or would her future go in a completely different direction?

This novella by Margaret Sharp is a delightful story. A quick, easy read but one with depth and intrigue. Michaela is a likeable character who has an inner strength which she uses when necessary. Another Aussie title I have no hesitation in recommending.

With thanks for my copy to read and review.

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Two New Reviews of ‘Amelia’s Call’

5 Jul

The well-known Goodreads site today featured two brand new reviews of my novella, ‘Amelia’s Call’.

This title is, I believe, far more powerful and perhaps confronting than my other books.

My thanks to¬† Australian writer Jenny Schwartz and Goodreads Aussie Readers moderator Brenda for reading and reviewing¬† ‘Amelia’s Call’.


Amelia was glowing in her happiness leading up to and going through her wedding day to the love of her life, Steven. The only blight on the landscape was Steven‚Äôs dominant and overbearing mother. But as they had decided to move to Sydney from Perth, leaving an ex-girlfriend and the mother behind, Amelia thought they would be ‚Äúsafe‚ÄĚ from her constant presence.With Amelia settled into her dream job, advancing her career was coming easily; but Steven was having great difficulty getting a job, and…more

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Jenny Schwartz

I’ve read other stories by Margaret Sharp and enjoyed her wisdom and gentle, direct style.Without wanting to share any spoilers, I found the plot for “Amelia’s Call” quite different to the romances I generally read, and not for me. That’s a personal issue of reading preferences — as is my difficulty connecting with the occasional use of first person, present tense.

The strong focus on Amelia, the heroine, works well and beginning with a wedding is a very effective introduction — conflict and emotion are heightened.

The anguish of real life dilemmas and the painful journey to maturity and self-awareness is bravely confronted in “Amelia’s Call”.(less)

A New Review: 25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia

28 May

One of the joys of being an author is the delight that a positive review of one’s work can bring.

So, today has become something of a red-letter day, with the publication of the review of my first title by  Goodreads Aussie readers moderator  Brenda Telford.

Here it is:

25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)


Brenda‘s review

May 27, 13

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Read on May 26, 2013 ‚ÄĒ I own a copy
Once again, a delightful little book of short stories of romance, love and life by Margaret Sharp. They are extremely engaging, with each story heading in a different life direction, the characters are likeable, varying and at times, emotionally entangled.I particularly liked Family Values, where four-year-old Byron was being taken to see his grandparents on their farm. A first visit (that he can remember), and after being told numerous times to be on his best behaviour, he was understandably quite nervous. But young children will say and do what they want (mostly), and the outcome was well handled by his parents.I highly recommend Margaret’s work, especially to lovers of short stories, romance and the light easy read.
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Thanks, Brenda! I’m ecstatic that you enjoyed it!
My work is available through Amazon and other distributors.

Why Does Plastic Dominate Our Lives?

1 Sep

One of the virtues of being of a certain age is that I can remember the time before everything came in plastic.

Sliced bread came¬† in paper bags,¬† and unsliced bread was also wrapped in paper at point of sale. Often, bread came via the home-delivery man, making homemakers’ lives a little easier.

Milk, and I mean full cream milk, came in glass bottles, also home delivered. Many households had a standing order. Three pints a day, that’s nearly 1.8¬† litres, arrived on our doorstep when I was young. I can still see the rich cream floating on the top!

Soft drinks, jam, honey, peanut butter, and countless other products all came in glass bottles.  I remember the slogan: manufacturers proud of their products bring them to you in glass.  I wonder what these same manufacturers today are making of their plastic-packaging!

There were, of course, no supermarket plastic bags. We brought our own baskets from home, and/or packed our merchandise into leftover cardboard boxes.

Oh, those were the days!

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Who is Margaret Sharp?

19 Aug

As both a writer of ‘Letters to the Editor’ of my local paper, ‘The Leader’, and as an author of books, it may be confusing to my readers that I ‘m known as Margaret Sharp in the former, and Margaret Lynette Sharp in the latter.

One of my letters appeared in yesterday’s edition of my local Sydney suburban newspaper; a piece about public libraries. Formerly, the paper chose many of my letters that were aimed at saving a local historically significant building, a cause which, sadly, faced defeat.

Readers of ‘The Leader’ may be interested to see a few of my Short Stories. The main Amazon.com web site features¬† ‘Click here’, and that can get you to the first pages of each of my books. Please Google Margaret Lynette Sharp, and find a title in my ‘Life and Love’ series that appeals to you.

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My Favourite Toy

18 Aug

Thinking back over my childhood, it seems impossible to select just one toy as being more significant and enjoyed than any other, but certainly one of my favourites was the spinning top.

I was introduced to them at a very young age, probably as a three year old. I loved to see the colours whirling round and round, accompanied by an enthralling, almost other-worldly whir. I understand that they were quite expensive, and certainly they were bought only on special occasions. I say ‘they’ for a particular reason: sadly, all of mine were very short lived. Perhaps they were loved to death, or maybe the adults that sometimes set them spinning for me were just too enthusiastic, for invariably they broke long before their glory waned in my eyes. And so, their were several in my life, all fascinating, but now all gone; thrown away, a part of my childhood lost forever, except in my memory.

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Ronald Sharp says Stories are “intriguing”

17 Aug

Yesterday, my husband and collaborator Ronald Sharp B.E.M. worked on spacing the words of my fourth collection of Australian Short Stories. As he ended off for the day, he said that he doesn’t like to stop work because the stories are “intriguing”, and that he “can’t wait to get to the end to find out what happened.”

He tells me that they engross and engage him to such a degree that he often bursts into tears at their conclusion.

You can read the first story in each published book if you Google Margaret Lynette Sharp, and go to the main Amazon.com  site.

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Friends of National Year of Reading 2012

5 Aug


My husband (and collaborator) Ronald Sharp B.E.M. and I are pleased to announce that we have become friends of the National Year of Reading 2012.

The promotion of reading, which focuses significantly on adult literacy, is a very worthwhile aim.  Through reading, we can enhance our knowledge and social skills, and gain valuable insights into human nature.

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Update: Book Four is on its Way

22 Jul

Hi again, I’m letting you know that the fourth in my series of modern Australian ¬†Short Stories is progressing well, I believe.

At nearly the half-way mark, already there is a diversity of themes, plots, and points of view: although, as usual, love  features prominently.

My husband and collaborator Ronald Sharp already has plans in mind for a cover, with the same feel as the earlier editions.

Please watch for further posts.